Game freezes and crashes

Yesterday (30/11/2020) I was playing Gears 5 most of the day to grind Master rank in 2v2 and the game played, as usual, without any hitches. Just as I’d expect, really.
Today (1/12/2020), I wanted to hop on to play some Classic Horde for a bit only to find that the game runs fine but after 5 minutes of run time, the game freezes for about 20-25 seconds and then crashes to desktop. I have tried to play about 4 times now, thinking that was just a one off, but to no avail.
I’m not sure if it was today’s store update somehow causing the crash, but it is really ■■■■■■■ annoying. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Since the game was launched, it doesn’t work properly. Is a mess . I documented It

Sadly TC priorities are WWE characters, the in game store instead of fix the real issues like this.
Edit: as usual today another error


For me it sometimes crashes at the start of a Horde Classic. But at least I could play HC 3 times today.

I sometimes crash and pause in lobby or before verses starts and I have to reload game, and stuff

reproducible for me.

  • start and finish a Classic Horde match
  • start a second Classic Horde match will soft lock the game at the 10second mark of matchmaking
  • rebooting the game after the first Horde match will allow me to keep playing Classic Horde