Game freeze and crash in act 3 (PC)

I can’t play the campaign because it crashes at the cutscene at the beginning of act 3, just when I defeat the matriarch. I tried running it on low quality and still crashes. Even the cutscenes have major FPS drops (from 70 to 5-0 fps). I don’t know what i can do, i already updated the drivers of my graphic card and still freezes. The game runs smoothly on high/ultra (90-60 fps), but it aways drops in cutscenes and when entering in new areas.

My PC specs:
AMD Ryzen 5 2600
GTX 1060 6Gb VRAM

Okay so I have a feeling a lot of these cutscene crashes are pc only, or exceedingly rare. Having finally moved into act 3 chapter 1 (as part of executing the skiff weapon loss glitch avoidance, it had to be done) and the only thing I encountered on the xbox one is a mildly hilarious glitch where the boss fight at the end of Act 2 chapter 5 had an error where the cutscene glitched out (permanantly for that save) and resulting in a certain character floating and selfdestructing himself. And the loss boss fight starting off differently (got some clips of it too, and a cool boss pose capture too! No idea what to do with them though)

In other news, I also may have made a fascinating discovery on how loading a chapter works. It seems when you load a chapter it loads the state of when you first entered the chapter from ANY save. I.E. If you have the ultimate upgrades upon starting a chapter and say… 45 components, any save you create from that start point will have that. It’s mostly theoretical discovery though, if someone wants to go into a more thorough investigation… go ahead.

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I’ll chime in - crashing at the exact same point - played over twice - it’s literally the same point where it crashes.

AMD FX 6350

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