Game feels so clunky now

Movement, shots, etc… played a couple of games, didn’t enjoy them at all…

BTW, I FRACKING HATE stupid gimmicks for the sake of gimmicks… that train and those lasers add nothing to the game play… it’s like having random meteors fall down, danger for the sake of random danger, nothing to do with Gears…


I take it you disliked Tyro Station too?

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Never played versus before GoW4 :wink: only PvE

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I loved that map.

Game has felt clunky ever since TU 1.5 it seems


Feels fine to me and those gimmicks are good little details, just because you probably get killed by them don’t make them stupid, just don’t walk in to lazers or stand in front of a train and ul be fine, I hope there’s more like it on new maps

It’s fine if you don’t like them. But both are a good deterrent in versus (especially in KOTH). Sometimes I deliberately trip the lasers to mess with an opposing team that’s pushing, or use the trains as a barrier to heal up.

Lots of maps had different ways to kill/die by the environment, it’s fine, the real problem is the random input delay changes that vary match to match meaning your active reload timing always has to change with your gameplay based off the servers connection which can be awkward >.<

It’s from old Unreal tournament and old school level designers. Back in the days. But usually they where started by another player. So they had a reason, like the furnice on Forge or closing the windows on Lift apex.

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The lasers are pretty decent on exhibit. It makes capturing and holding the ring on Koth a bit more interesting. As for the train on asylum I don’t see it as a big issue. It actually breaks up the battle for the boom/dropshot pretty well. I’m more of a pvp player and I only play horde every now and again but I thought it was great when the snatcher boss got wiped out by the train in a game I was playing. I don’t know how often this happens but variety is good especially when so little maps are currently available. Just had a flashback of the rain on the hail map in gears of war 2 lol it was a pain in the ■■■

the ice scene is the worst i feel even embarrassed how much i play there the guns are also bad minus the longshot

They should add a train to Bunker, Icebound, and Training Grounds that runs over everyone who voted for those maps throughout the game.


Me also. The trains on escalation is great. It adds extra thought into the risk/reward when trying to get B

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I am sorry, that made me bust out laughing. God I hate those maps. No so much training grounds but man bunker and Icebound are terrible, terrible maps.

Game does feel hella’ clunky. I don’t even want to play it anymore because of it. I do love me some gimmicks on GoW maps though, like the hail on Hail, the deployable cover on Ruins, the lasers on Security, the sandstorm on Nowhere, the avalanche on Avalanche, etc. Maps don’t feel like Gears unless they have a certain gimmick that’ll either help or kill you.

Unfortunately all of the Gears 5 maps just don’t feel like Gears maps at all, other than Asylum because of the atmosphere and trains. Everything just plays like a**. I’ve never gotten flanked in other Gears games as much as I have in Gears 5. It’s too damn easy to flank, in my opinion.

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I played a few games last night, with a couple of different groups, and some solo, and they all felt… yuck… for SOME reason… I can’t put my finger on it…

re gimmics, haha, ok, fair enough, I’m a huge believer in everyone likes different things, so it’s all good…

Security lasers added something, they created a secure fighting area, if you could control the button… the avalanche changed the battlefield and brought in new weapons… Those I don’t mind…

But windflare, for example, I hated how the wind would push you into a corner, and then you’d get zapped with lightening, wtih no way to jump out, because the wind was pushing you into a wall… That type of stuff… LOL

But better those gimmics than a game which just feels cluncky and wrong…

Yeah, the Windflares on Reclaimed were excruciating. The wind would jump push, push and push. Throw a grenades, oh, it’s gone. Grab Tri-shot/Buzzkill, get struck by a windflare.

If they’re gimmicks that add something unique and interesting to the battlefield then I’m all for it, but the wind and windflares on Reclaimed were just annoying.