Game feels smoother on social than it does on ranked

I’ve noticed this while playing online but the social multi-player feels smoother and better than it does on ranked idk why

Nah they’re exactly the same. Tuning/Connections are no different. Only difference is the chance of running into Lakers is more common in ranked while social you come across Sesame Street.


Ain’t that the truth!

In my (limited experience) players are far ‘sweatier’ in Social than the vast majority I come across in Ranked.

That’s the opposite of what he said

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He must’ve been thinking pre-Lebron Lakers (2013-2018).

Two separate statements. That’s why they’re in separate paragraphs.

maybe because they’re testing out the new tunning (only in customs) but in an ocassion they slipped the new tunning into the event of rumble (when drop 2 came out) I personally think it´s because some modes that are in QP are 5v5 and you don´t have this pressure to win,you 're just chillin and don’t give mind if you lose or win