Game dropped out of most played list

Pretty soon this game will be dead.

Good job TC.

Look what you have done to this (previously) AAA game.


Gears was always a niche franchise. The “hardcore” playerbase wants the same game they played in 2006 so the game hasn’t evolved at all.
Time to move on and play other games. Tons of new and old games (You may have missed) to grab your attention.


You mean there will be no OP9 ? NOOOOOO!


It was evolving. Just look at Gears of War 3. Or even Gears of War 4 in it’s final form. What we want is for the game to be upgraded but still have that Gears of War feel that made us love the game so much originally.

TC strayed too far from that path with Gears 5 at launch and the damage from that alone was catastrophic. The damage is still seen today.


To Halo Infinite and beyond.


Is it really a surprise?

The progression systems in this game are terrible, the PvP tuning isn’t fun, the competitive leaderboard system rewards time played over skill, Escape and the map builder have been abandoned. The communication from the studio is inconsistent and incomplete.

Again, is it surprising?


I mean multi weapon starts is a good idea if balanced properly.
While I didn’t care for Arcade I can see the attempt at something different but still being Gears. To bad that some heroes were broken/overpowered.
The attempt of new gametypes is a good thing but it happened in the tail end of the game’s lifespan.

I still think the core audience still want Gnasher to be king and all other weapons as secondary unless it has the ability to One shot.

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From the posts I have read here and going by my own experience there are more and more players who are giving up because TC refuse to grow up and act like adults.
Ignore or delete reasonable and warranted criticism and this is what happens.


They tried to make it so non-Gearsy as to attract the Fortnite crowd, to grow the player base.

That failed. You cant make it non Gearsy enough for those people… But you CAN (and they DID) make it not Gearsy enough for us to enjoy and play (in versus, at least)…




Could I get a Webster’s dictionary definition on non-gearsy please?


Haha, cant tell if you are being funny or serious :grin:

If funny, you know what I’m talking about…

If serious, chances are any explanation i provide wont be meaningful to you anyway…

Negative Infinity I don’t like it

Funny but mostly serious.

Besides the emotes what is non gearsy about 5?

You might want to actually read the reviews and Google other lists before making yourself look foolish quoting the Microsoft store.
PS…they own the studios that publish Gears 5.
Shakes head

This game really lives in people’s heads rent-free, huh?


uh huh. And it’s making way more than this pile of nonsense, not including @III_EnVii_III 's purchases.

Are you disoriented? The OP’s claim is specifically about the “most played list,” which is what my screenshot captures. Clearly Gears 5 has not dropped out of the list.

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It was out of the top 50… Sorry

Before Op 8 dropped

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Lol, maybe he was looking in a different country than where you looked :grin:

You just spam #FakeNews at anything critical of TC or MS. Just because you post it doesnt make it true…