Game doesn't seem viable to play anymore. (rant)

Well seemingly changing the title erased all typing progress. Game doesn’t seem fun to play anymore;

Ranked is a joke right now, the pings are just awful i actually got put into a game where someone had a fluctuating ping hitting 1000. Lag compensation favours the poor connections who just walk around everywhere and fire taking out players who are far more skilled than them. Sick of it, so yeah.

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ranting about the problems of the game isnt going to get you anywhere. Devs value insight and detailed feedback. Things like this just will lead to them not taking you seriously.

anyway the main focus they should give attention to imo is ranking system, matchmaking in particular for dead playlist and those with high ping

in combination this ruins the ranking experience.

Agreed. But at the same time many have been vocal about it with constructive feedback and the lag hasn’t gotten any better. This past weekend alone has been one of the worst experiences I’ve ever encountered as all 20 matches I’ve played have been almost unplayable. It’s like I have competitive weapon tuning and they have Core x20 tuning. All I’m asking for is low ping matches to prevent this from happening in every match but the best I get from them is “if your search is under a minute everyone will be within 50ms”. Well, then why am I getting steady 400ms players when I am at 20-50ms ping myself?


If a product sucks consumers who think so may tell the producer it sucks…if it hurts their feelings they shouldn’t be in business. In other words, fawk developer’s feelings. Furthermore, you have it wrong, what devs value is money, cut off their money (don’t buy the game) and you will truly have provided “valuable insight and detailed feedback.” (ummm I just wondered if someone has sued TC for delivering a crappy online experience LOL) Then again after reading a couple of posts on this forum I am reminded that people are irrational and will defend and justify what they buy…(cough behavioral economics…) bless Richard Thaler :rofl: