Game doesn’t work as expected

I seem to be the only one in the universe with this problem and I’ve tried literally everything you can imagine to try to fix it granted idek what the problem is necessarily. But basically ever since late Gears 4 til now my game has never worked as expected. When I go to slide to a wall of bounce I either do it very late or some of the slides don’t register at all and get me killed, same with my shots they either dont hit or do the minimal amount of damage when I know im actually good at the game and it gets me killed. So I chalked it up as the fact I was on a first gen xbox and still on tv but when I upgraded to a monitor and even got a series s it was the samd deal so then I thought maybe my cords, went and got two new ethernet cables and still the same deal if not even a bit worse because now I get the packet loss symbol some times. Overall my game is kinda stuttery I guess so im not sure if its frame drops or packet loss or what so I can’t fix a problem I dont know. Although there are some times on rare occasion where the game works perfectly but that is extremely rare and hasn’t happened in a long time. I’ve tried updating my controller, swapping wires even getting new ones, got a monitor and whole new console, test my controllers buttons in the accessories app and they always respond to every press. Over the years i’ve spent so much money on new controllers thinking they were the problem but to no avail. This is very long so if someone actually reads this and is able to help me figure this out I’d really appreciate it.