Game does not start on loading screen

Good morning folks. I wanted to play Gears with a couple of friends today but the game does not start on the “loading map” screen. It always kicks everyone back into the lobby. Anybody else has the same issue?


I have the same issue, its gettin stuck on loading screen. After map voting:( its stuck.
I have counted 24 times now in a row??
In ranked😢
U better not giving me quit penaltys for this server problem.
Check it out!
I have a feeling you will get bombed with post like this. My friends on my xbox list have also the same problem:(

Im from Norway, oslo. In Europe if that helps.

Edit:to T.C added where im from so you can locate,and trouble shoot the issue😉.


Same here in the UK on EU servers. Gets stuck at last third of the loading map bar, kicks you out. Same again next time a map vote has ended. Rinse and repeat.

Same for me😥, i cant play today…whats going on??

TC definitely has to look into this problem.

Edit: Iam from EU by the way…from Germany

They should but i think they are sleeping now😟

Tried 4 times in the last 15 minutes and keep getting this.
It goes past the lobby to the loading map stage with your character and just freezes then after about 5 minutes I get kicked to menu with the error message.
Anyone else getting this.

The same for me. Yesterday I was playing without any problem

It’s the same for ranked TDM. Everyone votes on the map and it gets two thirds of the way through the map loading bar, stays for about 5 minutes and then kicks everyone out.

same problem on win the apps screen list, xbox app shows it updated today, probably because of that. earlier this morning was working fine.

Same. For every match… death match, horde, everythings eccept for fast social match. This morning it was ok.

Ok, now also Social match.

i get sent back to the main menu and i dont know why. it happens too many times now and i end up getting banned. please fix this issue becuase it is annoying. its not fair i have to wait for something i had nothing to do with. i dont know what to do anymore; so here i am writing this hoping a developer sees this and fixis the issue. this has been happening since the first year the game came out. this issue is nothing new. stop passing this issue up and fix it.


Thanks for the reports everyone. I have reached out to TC on this…

Please remember if you see a discussion already created on the same topic, please add to the discussion instead of creating another thread. I have merged the other threads in to this one.

Thank you.

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No but I’m sick of weapons being glitched out of game during horde matches. Especially during weapon skins events.I got cheated out of weapons skins do to broken horde event.

I think its fixed,It works again, in north Europe:)

I Hope its fixed for y’all around the globe as well!

Got confirmation by TC seems to be resolved,

Thanks everyone, will be closing now.