Game dashboarded itself during the game on one xbox one x

game dashboarded itself and yet still rejoined game won and lost rank percentage

was the game a download or a CD? I notice that download games lately have randomly crashing.

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Must be server problems today. I even got lag warming up on a private match with all bots. Just joined a lobby and got kicked with a 15min ban with no option to rejoin. Not my internet. I know that. Not really surprised. Everytime I play gears I expect B.S. to happen.

yh man 2 days ago returned menu and search itself found a game with same guyz couldnt figure out

Technically they are all downloads now since Xbox forces installation even when you have a disc. (just needs the physical disc for verification)

I’ve been mid-game many times and the game straight up turns off, and I’m back at the home screen. (Happened more often on my original Xbox One than it does on my OneX though.)

Could be early signs of hard drive failure?

Maybe u r right and maybe it can be glitch like when xox first came out it dashboarded me so many times when i was scrimming and on sweaty ranked games