Game crashing on Xbox One S (only during Ranked KOTH)

Gears 5 crashed for me three days in a row (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) while playing ranked KOTH.

1st time it crashed (on Friday) was moments before a ranked KOTH game was about to end.
It threw me back to the Xbox home menu.
By the time I could launch Gears again, I couldn’t rejoin the game as the match had already ended.

When it crashed the 2nd time (on saturday), when I logged into the game, it gave me a ‘Ranked penalty’ message. Thankfully, it allowed me to rejoin the game.

When it crashed the 3rd time (on sunday), when I logged into the game, it again gave me a ‘Ranked penalty’ message. Thankfully, it allowed me to rejoin the game.

I noticed this recurring pattern.

The game crashes once everyday specifically while playing ranked KOTH.

Ranked TDM, quickplay works fine.

I am honestly scared to start playing ranked KOTH, knowing that it would crash eventually. All these times, I have been lucky, the game crashed in the middle of the match and I was able to rejoin. But if the game crashes moments before a match is about to end, by the time I log in the match would already be over and I would be slapped with a “Banned from ranked” message for no fault of mine.

I wanted to know if anyone lese is facing the same issue as me.

Wild guess here, have you checked the console temperature? One S being old could have a blocked vent or a clogged fan.

Koth taxes the system more than Tdm does so maybe it reached it’s limit?

No, I clean the vents regularly using a brush.

How do I check that?

5v5 ranked KOTH used to work smoothly previously. Even 4v4 ranked KOTH worked. This is a very recent issue.

Also, other games work fine.

Gears 5’s bugged.

A console or PC crashes when it gets too hot, simply touch it or put your hand where the air comes out.

A jet engine sound levels is also a good indicator.

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