Game crashes you get penalized others dash board and they get to keep playing

This is a joke. Yall just need to do away with this ban thing if you cant get it to actually work properly. I see people getting into a lobby about to start a match and they just quit out reliad the game when they see people they dont want to play against and they get no penalties but god forbid the game crashes due to the fault of the coalition and so we penaltize the player. So stupid

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Penaltize. We penaltize the player.

Poor player.

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I have quit lobbies before, this could be due to factors including:
Playing against full stacks (I’m solo)
Playing against team of PC players
Enemy pings being 100+
Awful map selection. 3 maps I hate, I bet you can guess which ones!

Anyway I do not see why anybody should get a ban for quitting at this stage. The match has not started so why would you ban someone!

I fully agree that people quitting when the game starts only to reload back in before game finishes is very frustrating. I also come up a against a player that quits if he is ever on a losing team and yet will somehow be in the very next lobby ?

To be honest TC may as well just get rid of bans now.

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I understand that you are frustrated with the ban system in the game and feel that it is not working properly. It can be annoying to see other players quit out and reload the game without any penalties, while you are penalized for a game crash that was not your fault. However, it is important to keep in mind that the ban system is in place to help ensure fair gameplay for everyone, and while it may not be perfect, it is continually being improved and updated by the game developers. It is also important to report any issues or bugs to the developer so that they can work on fixing them. I hope this helps to address your concerns, and if you have any further questions or feedback, please let me know.

TC SnubbbS.

You ruined my breakfast.
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