Game crashes, application error 1000, freezes, error GW502, BSOD... A disaster

I smell a class action lawsuit coming…one game OK, But TWO games, GTFOH!! It is almost 2020, NO need for this kind of crap, WITHOUT support, answers, fixes, refunds, etc. !!

Damn that’s quite a thorough OP lol. Unfortunately I don’t think you will ever get any answers here. I don’t think TC has even acknowledged 502 or any PC related issues this time around.

No doubt they’re worried to acknowledge it because of what happened in Gears 4.

On Nvidia forums they also don’t respond, only a little sh!#$@t called Sora replies you with stupid stuffs like “Elevate your task manager” to change game priority for example, when my Windows account is de Admin.
is obvious that the sites they must really solve the problems, they don’t. And if the rest of your games runs fine except 2 or 3, always will be your fault, not theirs. Pathetic. Miserable people.
There’s no difference on get and play cracked games, you can skip the game support because they never help. And those who supported games buying them only received stupid answers or we’re ignored.

This mess isn’t on PC component manufacturers, their software or your fault as a user.

This is all on TC’s inability to build a proper game on PC.
Gears 4 works great, but this? This is just absurdly bad.

I can’t even get through the campaign:

  • crashing in the first Chapter
  • crashing after the boss at the end of Chapter 2 (cinematic plays then it’s supposed to load Chapter 3, but instead i just get a black screen, Task Manager says Gears 5 is “Not Responding”)

Running a week-old fresh Windows 10 installation, all my drivers are up to date, no bloat, nothing weird.
GTX 1080 Ti Strix, 7700K, 16 GB high frequency RAM, an M.2 SSD and playing on a 1440p 144Hz screen.

so i’ve got beefy specs and have had ZERO issues with recent games such as AC: Odyssey, Wolfenstein, Doom, Witcher, etc.


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Yesterday I got game crashes after 1 week of no issues. Yes TC isn’t capable to make a decent game in terms of optimization (and also game design, story, character, etc.)
Nvidia released that solution of decrease game priority from High to Normal, but they’re dumb,because once the game is running, you can’t change It, because Easy Anti Cheat or whatever.
So TC, Nvidia and Microsoft are useless.

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can’t disagree for the most part, tbh.

tho i gotta say, i actually enjoyed 5 more than 4 as the characters became less sitcom cliche and more human.

i especially enjoyed the 2nd chapter once you’re on the skiff and the action slows down and that gorgeous score by Ramin Djawadi kicks in.

reminds me of the mini-sub mission in Wolfenstein: New Order as in a nice change of pacing.

back to Gears 5’s tech issues - i’ve read on the forums that some people have had luck with reverting to the 436.15 driver from August.

Gonna try reverting tonight after work to see how it goes.

I already did all, including reverting drivers. As I said, Nvidia posted days ago they recognize the issue and they posted the solution (that nobody can do It because the .exe is protected by that DRM Easy Anti Cheat) so is impossible to change game priority while game is running.

could you please give me a link to that? i must have missed it as i’ve just picked up the game a couple weeks ago.

GeForce 441.20 Game Ready Driver Feedback Thread (Released 11/12/19)

“-Gears 5 may randomly crash → [Fix] Run the game then go to task manager and right-click on Gears5 process, click on set priority and change it from High to Normal.”

Is a joke because the fix is impossible to do.

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thanks man, appreciate it.

in any event, just crashed out again after trying both 436.15 and 436.30, both failed…ofc.

Is a game issue, not driver related. I reduced It only raising SOC Voltage and CPU Core Voltage on my TUF B350M Plus UEFI settings at 1.18 V and 1.35 V, I could play almost non stop during 1 week many hordes and campaign, also putting the min. frame rate to 60 and max. frame rate to 90. If I put the max. frame rate to Unlimited, the game crashes every moment. TC must fix it ASAP, is the only way.

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■■■■’s sake…i’m on unlimited…getting 100-130 fps regularly @1440p

just wondering if the OP(and others) played Gears 4?

that game also had a Nvidia hardlock issue that started in May 2017 and was never fixed. unbelievable for a AAA studio and two games in a row now.

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been playing it recently, actually.

finished the campaign solo (no crashes).

been playing through the campaign with a couple of friends (so basically two playthroughs in parallel) and so far i’ve had 3 random crashes to the desktop and one hard crash where my graphics driver died.

i’d say it’s playable, but then again that’s just on my system…given how fucky these 2 games are from one PC to the next…who knows.

then again, GoW 4 is around 3-4 euros these days if you know where to look for it.

Yes I had the same issue with Gears of War 4 and I made a video about It

They only say is our fault. Shameful.

tried 5 drivers, same results. GW502.

Is normal because the game is broken, is not a issue caused by driver directly, the game maybe affects the driver in some way I don’t know, and this proves they must reduce the game priority to Normal, but TC don’t care about It. Nvidia didn’t reply me the last e-mail I sent to them.

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@TC_Octus so can we get an update on this?

are PC players just being ignored? wassup?

Post the complains here in the new hoftix driver thread

I’m literally the only one on Nvidia forums that complains about Gears 5 issues. That’s why I’ll be always ignored and they don’t take care on fix It.

Edit: TC finally update the game with game priority set on Normal by default. Now I’m gonna test it playing with SOC Voltage and CPU Core Voltage to 1.10 V and 1.31 V respectively, or playing with all stock settings on UEFI (I never do Overclock to my GTX 1070).

Edit: After 10 minutes I wrote here and started playing, the game crashed again. I’m tired and pissed off.

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same here! as much as i want to love the game but im refunding. i just cant play