Game crashes, application error 1000, freezes, error GW502, BSOD... A disaster

I’ll repost It until someone really takes care It, read carefuly my issues and the problem has been solved.
Original post: Game freezes and crashes on PC version

First of all, I tried everything possible. And just to clarify this issues only happen on Gears 5 (and also Gears of War 4 but whatever)

I have the latest Windows 10 compilation, Drivers such like Nvidia 436.30 at the time I wrote this post, BIOS motherboard, etc.

Some things I did:

  • CPU and GPU temps are fine, never above 60 ° C while playing.

  • I didn’t install Ultra HD textures (using that doesn’t make difference)

  • Game on HDD or SSD doesn’t make difference.

  • Windows, Drivers and BIOS up to date.

  • Played with stock/OC settings. GPU stock settings too.

  • Rolled back to previous Nvidia driver, same issues.

  • Disabled flow control guard on Windows defender.

  • Vsync on/off

  • 20 hours of memtest86, 0 errors.

  • 2 hours of Aida64 stress test, 0 errors.

  • Uninstall drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)

System Specs:

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bits May 2019 Update

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.7 GHz

Cooler: ARCTIC - Freezer Xtreme Rev.2

SSD: ADATA Ultimate SU650 120 GB

HDD: Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM006 2TB

RAM: G.Skill Flare x 3200 MHz CL14

Motherboard: Asus TUF B350M-PLUS GAMING

Video Card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 Windforce OC 2X rev. 1.0

PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G3 80 Plus Gold 220-G3-0650-Y1

Fan Case: 2x COUGAR CF-D12HB R 1200 RPM, 2x Corsair ML pro 120 mm

(Almost all the components were bought recently, for example G.Skill Flare X RAM 3200MHz CL14 was bought 1 month ago, the SSD, HDD, the CPU was sent directly from AMD because I applied for warranty.

Examples of the issue (at the last seconds of this video):

Another example:

I posted It here some days ago and also on Answers Microsoft and I was ignored by the responsibles who made the videogame, I only receive dumb answers from users like (Update drivers) dugh, thanks Captain Obvious.

Yesterday, September 25, 2019, the game got Blue Screen of Death, and this is what BlueScreenViewer shows me when that happened and generated the minidump file and the MEMORY.DMP:

Today September 26, 2019, I got the following error:

After that the entire system froze a few seconds, I couldn’t open task manager until the game closed.

Isn’t the first time I have this issue, and no, my GPU isn’t faulty. I tested It with Furmark, Unigine Heaven, VideoCardStabilityTestSetup, etc. without problems.

Edit: October 1 2019, the game closes itself and send me to desktop during horde match with friends. Using latest 436.48 driver and the latest game update released yesterday:

Edit: October 10 2019 with the latest drivers, BIOS, Windows, game, etc. It still crashes

Nvidia replied me with this some days ago

Edit: October 13 2019, 2 hours of Aida64 stress test without issues, even with Chrome open and writing a post on Tom’s Hardware

Windows event viewer

Edit: October 14 2019 8:57 A.M, I had BSOD after start playing a few seconds…

I attach the 20 hours memtest:

Memtest86 summary:


Report Date 2019-10-01 11:53:11
Generated by MemTest86 V8.2 Pro (64-bit)
Result PASS

System Information

EFI Specifications 2.60
Manufacturer System manufacturer
Product Name System Product Name
Version System Version
Serial Number System Serial Number
Vendor American Megatrends Inc.
Version 5220
Release Date 09/12/2019
Product Name TUF B350M-PLUS GAMING
Version Rev X.0x
Serial Number 170909855200446
CPU Type AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core
CPU Clock 3716 MHz [Turbo: 3716.1 MHz]
# Logical Processors 12
L1 Cache 12 x 96K (77266 MB/s)
L2 Cache 12 x 512K (64375 MB/s)
L3 Cache 1 x 16384K (34083 MB/s)
Memory 16332M (20602 MB/s)
DIMM Slot #0 8GB DDR4 XMP PC4-25600
G Skill Intl / F4-3200C14-8GFX
14-14-14-34 / 3200 MHz / 1.350V
DIMM Slot #1 8GB DDR4 XMP PC4-25600
G Skill Intl / F4-3200C14-8GFX
14-14-14-34 / 3200 MHz / 1.350V

Result summary

Test Start Time 2019-09-30 21:01:11
Elapsed Time 14:48:57
Memory Range Tested 0x0 - 41F380000 (16883MB)
CPU Selection Mode Parallel (All CPUs)
ECC Polling Enabled
# Tests Passed 224/224 (100%)
Test # Tests Passed Errors
Test 0 [Address test, walking ones, 1 CPU] 16/16 (100%) 0
Test 1 [Address test, own address, 1 CPU] 16/16 (100%) 0
Test 2 [Address test, own address] 16/16 (100%) 0
Test 3 [Moving inversions, ones & zeroes] 16/16 (100%) 0
Test 4 [Moving inversions, 8-bit pattern] 16/16 (100%) 0
Test 5 [Moving inversions, random pattern] 16/16 (100%) 0
Test 6 [Block move, 64-byte blocks] 16/16 (100%) 0
Test 7 [Moving inversions, 32-bit pattern] 16/16 (100%) 0
Test 8 [Random number sequence] 16/16 (100%) 0
Test 9 [Modulo 20, ones & zeros] 16/16 (100%) 0
Test 10 [Bit fade test, 2 patterns, 1 CPU] 16/16 (100%) 0
Test 11 [Random number sequence, 64-bit] 16/16 (100%) 0
Test 12 [Random number sequence, 128-bit] 16/16 (100%) 0
Test 13 [Hammer test] 16/16 (100%) 0


This document certifies that the Tests described above have been carried out by a suitably qualified technician on the System described above.


DRAM Calculator for Ryzen memtest screenshots:

1 hour of Furmark Stress test and Furmark CPU Burner (HWinfo behind counting the hours)

6 hours of CPU and GPU stress test with Heavy Load Software (HWinfo behind counting the hours)

Edit: October 17 2019, 7 hours of Video Card Stability Test, Before doing the test I was playing Gears 5 and I had BSOD IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL.Then I did hard reboot and when I was only on Windows desktop while opening the game on Steam, Windows froze, no BSOD this time. If my PC passed all the stress test many hours and many times, why the hell are crashing too often?

Edit: October 22 2019 again 6 hours of Aida64 stress test, all except GPU.

Event Viewer showing Gears 5 error:

After repeating benchmarks and stress tests, I don’t think my hardware is the fault, the bad software (Windows 10 and Gears 5, along with the "always beta GPU drivers in this case Nvidia) are the faulty ones.

I repeat, the rest of games I own don’t have this serious issues. Only with Gears 5 and Gears of War 4. My PC is fine, is stable that’s why I did a lot of stress tests like Memtest86, Aida64, Prime95, etc.

Other issues are the audio is choppy, sounds strange while I’m using a headset plugged on my Xbox One controller Wireless on 3.5 mm jack, and the controller is connected by USB on my PC, It doesn’t happen on my Xbox One. It seems your’e boycotting the PC platform with all the issues described above.

This is how Microsoft treat to users. Very bad.

Seriously I’m pissed off. I read some post about how Microsoft changed the real testing in their products using real hardware, replacing It with virtual machines, now is well known Windows 10 has a lot of issues, because they don’t test the software on real enviroments like computers of normal people, It happened the same with this game, Control Quality doesn’t exist.


I had this issue where my game would crash the error GW502 - I read online that the newest NVIDIA Drivers are causing it. I have the same graphics card as you, and since Rolling the driver back I have had no issues.

Heres a Link in case you are interested in giving it a try:

Hope it works for you as it did for me!

You didn’t read I already said I rolled back to 436.15. The game Stutters and crashes. The GW502 error is one of many errors on this game. When I got BSOD or the game closes suddenly, I don’t have a GW502 message, It just happens.

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I’m tired of waiting around and hearing no response on this issue too. There is no reason why a GTX 1060 6GB can’t run this game.

No response from any Gears team is the nail in the coffin.

Rolling back to older versions simply does not work and also is indicative of no solution being put forward by the Gears team.

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Exactly. I shared this post even to Rod Fergusson and Phil Spencer’s Twitter once each day, I filled a form on
Posted again on
And I’m being ignored. Nvidia has been replying me answering if I already updated the driver or the game. Are you kidding me? Sending screenshots of CPU Z, events logs, msinfo32, dxdiag files, memory.dmp files and telling him I have the most recent Windows compilation, Motherboad BIOS is enough? It’s like I read a post about Microsoft they don’t test software on real hardware, but virtual machines, is useless because they won’t know how the software, in this case a game will run on a real enviroment, virtual machines for this purpose is absurd. That’s why Windows 10 has issues too for example Windows Sandbox feature doesn’t work on non english versionf of O.S.

And I’ve read comments of people telling me my hardware is the cause of this, or I did a wrong installation or I’m just a troll or whatever. It makes me more angry but this is the last time I’ll buy It a Microsoft game. The refunded money I’ll use It to buy Cyberpunk 2077 or simply save It and still playing older games.
This must be my last Gears game I buy or even I’m gonna play, Phil Spencer and Rod Fergusson are Persona non grata for me, of course the rest of people who worked on this game and Gears of War 4.Also Nvidia with their defective drivers.

I played the campaign on Xbox One X, it crashed randomly back to the dashboard several times. The same happened with my co-op partner.

I don’t think it’s isolated to just the PC.

I run Windows 10 home and there was a significant update that I noticed was just sitting there the other day. Even though I had automatic updates on.

I noticed yours is pro though, is there no recent update for that? Not that it will probably make it work any better.

This game also recently started crashing for me too! Please fix this! Went back to Gears of War 4 and it doesn’t crash. Sometimes it’s a GW502 error, but most of the time it’s a crash straight to the desktop. I can’t even finish a match in ranked because of this!!!

Windows 10 Home
Ryzen 1700
GTX 1080 Ti

Everything updated, latest drivers etc.

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I have a GTX 1060 6G and the game runs great but that’s because I’m still running 382.53, the only driver I could ever play Gears 4 on without the same issues. After reading about the same issues with gears 5 I didn’t even bother trying any of the new drivers.

More reason we must do social pressure, I shared this post on Rod Fergusson and Phil Spencer’s Twitter account once each day but I was ignored. I don’t think to continue if I’ll be ignored and Nvidia running around circles with stupid answers like “have you updated the game/drivers?”

I think I found out what my issue was. This frequent crashing only started happening after the latest update. I knew there was nothing wrong with my system since before the update, the game ran fine (except for rare GW502 crashes). But these recent crashes were straight to the desktop., if you get a GW502 a message box appears with the error. They must’ve done something with EAC because one time when I started the game it said “Please close Process Hacker” or something along those lines. I’ve had Process Hacker on my computer for a long time and since launch it hadn’t caused any problems until after the update. I have since uninstalled it and now I haven’t observed any crashes and I can actually complete a full match of ranked escalation. I’ll report back if I observe any more crashes.

In my case the problem was present since September 5 when the game was released earlier, played both Xbox One and PC with Game Pass Ultimate. The first time the game crashes was on Act 3 of campaign, no error number messages, no GW502, etc. Just the game closes itself. I don’t know what do you mean with “Process Hacker” I don’t have installed any other software rather than Steam only for this game in this moment, and the Visual C++ Redistributable. I don’t use MSI Afterburner, Discord, etc. to make sure the system is clean, free of stuffs than affects the game performance. So the only option is I said above, make social pressure to they fix It asap or give up. I think I’ll do the second. No response for TC and Nvidia keep replying with stupid answers.

Actually, the problem isn’t resolved. While the game doesn’t crash as frequently, the game still crashes after playing for a while. People on Twitter are reporting crashes too, they need to fix this!

Edit: I wonder if this has anything to do with the recently added Async Compute option in the video settings. I remember disabling this in Gears of War 4 so that it wouldn’t crash …

Disabling Async Compute doesn’t help. And also I notice stuttering randomly, is less frecuent but is present.

This is the last response I got from Nvidia if anyone is interested:

I also have the same issue, random crashes, same error message

Nvidia only replies me they already reproduced the issue and working with TC investigating the root cause, I doubt It’ll be solved.

GW502 error here …

Currently running the Zotac 1070ti Mini

PC checks out PERFECTLY…AND, because I do “test” videos, I can report the EXACT same GW502 error with my Sapphire Vega 56, my Zotac GTX 1080 and now, my XFX RX 5700 and my Ssapphire Pulse 5700 XT

ALSO worth noting that NO game has EVER done this to me, with ONE exception…YUP, you guessed it, GOW4!! There is no GW502 error, but the game would freeze/hang with the picture still/frozen while the most recent audio would loop.

Not Microsoft, AMD, Nvidia, OR anyone at the GOW team is ANY help!!! Joke of a set-up , CRAP support and ■■■■ for brains over there…NOT a vetted quality check AT ALL!!!

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Incompetence at its finest

Yesterday I got GW502 Error message and after the game update It crashed, they broken also the max frame rate limit option. I had to raise It to 90 fps.

Nvidia posted this today

“-Gears 5 may randomly crash → [Fix] Run the game then go to task manager and right-click on Gears5 process, click on set priority and change it from High to Normal.”

On driver release notes on “Open issues” section, they say " [Gears 5]: Random stability issues may occur. [2630220]"

At least Nvidia already recognize the issue, sadly not TC.

Their solution doesn’t work btw, I can’t change the priority to Normal.

Hi, I have a similar problem. I wrote to tech support in September, but still haven’t answered. When the last time I played in October, it seemed to me that they had already been fixed. Now there are two cases: it hangs and then hangs and already artifacts in the game and everywhere on the computer, or BSOD

Windows updates, all the latest drivers. I am very grateful to you that you are still trying to figure it out and detailed the essence of the problem. I tried to change the priority of the processor through the task manager, task manager on behalf of the user, through a separate program analogue of the task manager - I have no right to change the priority.

I also changed the driver versions in September, deleted them via DDU, but nothing helped. In other old and modern games, this has not happened. (I didn’t play Gears 4)

I have a paradox in the game. When I have the “recommended” preset, then there are no crashes, but when I set other settings: low, medium, high, ultra - BSOD or freezing with artifacts. Preset “recommended” are high settings. I am pleased with the most optimized game that even on my modest computer I can play on the “ultra” settings without sagging less than 60 FPS, but such bugs themselves cover all the pros.

In short, here is my PC:
• Ryzen 5 2600
• RX 584
• AMD 8gb

Sorry for my english. Used Google Trans.

No problem. I speak Spanish. My english isn’t good.
If I let Min. and Max. frame rate limit on 60 and Unlimited respectively, the game crashes very often. With the most recent game update, Before updating It, I had Max. Frame Rate to 60, The game never crashed more, only micro sutttering each certain time. But also I raised the SOC Voltage from Auto to 1.15 V using offset 0.05 V on UEFI, It stabilized the game, 1 week with no crashes or freezes, only 1 time I got crashes.
After game update, the game has fps drops, I had to raise the Max. frame rate to 90, also disabling Async compute I don’t have microstuttering anymore randomly. Only the game has fps drops in certain moments of campaign. I had to raise more the SOC Voltage to 1.18 V.
I think the game makes an agressive use of CPU and GPU, in some moments may freeze your computer for a seconds, or It can cause BSOD in the worst scenario.
TC never replied me on Gears support website just like you. Only nvidia admited today in their forum the game may crashes, but nothing more.