Game crashes after TU2

It’s happening really frequently now. Today has crashed 3 times, yesterday and friday twice. When I try to join a lobby the game freezes and then it crashes. Anyone else?

Yes…most peeps are having problems with game crashing ect…since the update.

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me too now … mainly on horde and usually between waves

Never fails people. TC fixes 1 thing and breaks another with EVERY single update. Its been like this since Gears 4.

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Yup. Ive been unable to play since operation 2 went live a week ago. Keeps booting me and telling me my connection to the servers times out

I tried to join a friend for a Horde game as they had lost a player - kept getting kicked back to the dashboard within 30-odd seconds. Tried to rejoin 3 times - each time the same thing happened.

Well done TC! I don’t know how you do it, but you always find a way!

Its truly amazing at this point. Maybe if someone from Microsoft actually checked here or twitter maybe, just maybe there would be some changes at TC that helped this game out

I know right? I mean, I’m not fussy and don’t have high expectations. A good day for me is one where I don’t accidently pee on the rim of the toilet. All I want, is a game that doesn’t crash which I can actually play.

Yep crashes are now happening more consistently

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Only happens to me when I join an ongoing horde match. I’ve seen others join matches though so it cant be an issue for everyone.

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This is a bad issue. Hopefully they’re working on it.

Someone on Facebook said it was only an issue for joining an ongoing horde match. But yesterday I joined a lobby before launch and still got dashboarded before wave 1 ended

I found the issue to be easily repeated every single time. Join a customer horde in progress and as the wave ends and loads into the next, the game crashes to desktop (pc).

Had no problems Thursday night and played last night (Sunday) after a weekend away and it was reproducible every time. This was on both on general public or a friend’s private match. They could join mine though and it wouldn’t crash to dashboard (Xbox).

Feels pointless writing this here as nothing seems to be done about any problem and I’m almost to the point where I stop playing this game. Out of me 6 close friends who were hyped for gears 5, only me and 1 other still play. The others gave up about 4-5 weeks ago.

currently as of the 15/12/19 i am now crashing at every atttemped join in progres custom horde game

Kicked back to dashboard everytime first start game up…jumped on battlefront with runner last night rook…2 hrs uninterrupted/fluent gameplay…kinda how it should be…had ammo to rook🤣

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Oh no !! is the shop ok though rook🤔

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even that didnt load the other day…

This might sound a bit strange, but I’m at work right now and I’m excited about getting home tonight to play GOW5 to see what other bugs and glitches I can find!