Game crash when I'm playing horde

I was playing today (before Store update) horde (1 to 50, master on Vasgar for Seriously). When I was on wave 46 game kicked me out, I tried to join but the game showed me a black screen and after that the game closes and I had to launch it again. And even when I joined (at wave 48), this horde didn’t count.

I though that maybe was because the store changed, so I went for FFA event and after 2 matches I came back to horde. And I got the same problem, black screen and I had to start the game again.

I know this happens on PC, only 1 time I got this problem on Xbox, but I want to know if this is just bad luck or it’s a “common issue” and I just had luck until now.

Now the game crash when I restart it. After the “press A button” screen. The first time black screen when I finish (or get kicked from) horde. Second time is with the A button screen. After that the game stabilize until I finish or I go out from horde for a 3rd time.

I think that I’ll try to play horde tomorrow.

Also not earning xp. So games being buggy agaiin. Thanks tc once again lol

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Now that you mentioned it, I’m getting 0 EXP for characters but I’m getting EXP for my Re-up

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Im not getting any at all lol

Do you have boost? I bought the most expensive one with the free iron that I got for ToD, maybe that’s why I’m getting EXP.

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Yes i have boost i have 150 days left

About EXP, maybe this was the cause (and I hope the same for my problem)