Game crash: Failed to open descriptor file

Game doesn’t start. That message appears and thats it.
I reinstalled the game but it did’t solve it.
Need help pls.

There is a bunch of these threads already also regarding other games running on the same engine as Gears 5. There isn’t really any solution around yet though, at least I couldn’t find one.

It only happens with the Microsoft Store version though, Steam should be fine.

Let me know if you need a link to support to put in a ticket :slight_smile:

I see, so I 'll have to just wait for an update right?

File a support ticket as written by @GhostofDelta2. Other than that it’s just searching through google and try the different solutions. Some people go as far as formatting the drive.

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Ok, thanks. I just send a ticket. I’ll wait for a solution. Format the drive will be my last option, I have almost 2 TB of games here xd.

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Closing this topic, as another topic already existed for this, and there is a solution.

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