Game Crash after dying

Hi I’m currently having a problem with Gears 5. This happens randomly can be after 1 game or after like the 10th. After dying it goes to a black screen but i can’t do anything after i have to use task manager to close it.

Playing on windows 10 here are my specs:

*i7-8700 3.19GHZ Hex core

  • 24gb DDR4 ram

  • 6gb Geforce GTX 1660

if anyone has a solution this would be awesome, drivers are all updated. all drivers re installed and still having same issue,

in what game mode are you dying?
Try to turn off kill cam. Its a bug and crash creator.

Can be any mode, mostly quick play and escalation ranked. i’ve turned kill cam off i’ll see how i get on! thanks for commenting :slight_smile:

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