Game confesses!

Hopped on this morn for a game of horde only to be confronted with an in-game confession

The game itself told me what the problem was, with its own choice of words, and they are damning

Whispered in my ear whilst crying, because she herself wished it wasn’t so, but alas, confessed to me that

Content is missing or invalid

I held gears close after hearing these words as enduring that moment must have been hard for her, I gazed deep into her crimson eyes and saw a broken soul

We all seek validation in life one way or the other but to know deep down we are unworthy of such is something I hope none of you have to experience

She knows she is lacking and it’s killing her

She hopes one day to at least be content

But she needs your support

Fight for her

Fight for your Queen


Okay Romeo… We get it, the game is broken. :joy:


Did they remove delivery driver Mac from the store again or something


This… this is a piece of art… but yet, I feel sad.

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