Game clips not recording properly

Why is it iv got my xbox set to record 5mins bt it only records 5seconds and no matter how i try and sort it out it still only records 5seconds why is i use this to catch those that are using mods so iv gt proof of them cheating with aim assist rapid fire an the pain in ■■■ dropshot mod that makes you invisable until you fire ,and it sad that the tc alow this to happen in the first place along with the mulltitude of other mods that are used in the game an what are you the coalition going to do about this ,an i would appreciate a reply about this as it is killing the the game and that a huge shame ,

Clip recording is probably under the MS side of things.

Iv been in settings and its set to 5min bt when i record its still only 5sec ?

Hard reset fixes a lot of things, even if only temporarily; but, I meant that if the issue doesn’t resolve, it’s something to contact MS customer support about, rather than TC.

Five seconds isn’t an option, so the only other thing I can think of is that maybe it’s a storage issue.

You could try settling it to other lengths and record test clips, to see if (for example) 3 min has the same issue, or records properly.

Could also check to see if it’s only gears 4, or if other games’ clips do the same.

Here’s a MS l troubleshooting link: