Game chat does not work

EXACTLY like what happened with Gears 4.

Well then, i dont give a ***t about this game anymore. I played everyday. But If they dont care, i dont care🤷‍♀️


I just don’t get why it doesn’t work for me on one version of the game on PC but not on another, tried turning it off and on again as well.

I would use the W10 version but sometimes updates fail and then the entire game needs to be reinstalled

Its frustrating as it makes communicating with people hard and I rely in people on party chat to tell me if people are asking for anything in Horde when I engineer

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I totally understand. It hurts the game but Coalition thinks team communication low priority or secretly just want chat blocked permanently and pretend they are trying to fix it.

New players will never learn and the player base will never progress. The majority dont read these forums or posts to learn new tips and tricks etc.

Do you know if Halo is blocked too?
I’m curious if it is an xbox game app related thing not a gears thing.
Whatever xbox does to integrate chats into the game.

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I dont sorry, rarely touch Halo.

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I really dont understand why this is a low priority​:woman_shrugging: how can you communicate with others on master horde? wich chat is very important :expressionless::woman_shrugging:


I think we as a Gears community need to be loud about this as top priority, not more gnasher changes.

Can we please get chat fixed. It’s one of the best games that unites pc and xbox together. As a complex team based game it’s important to have basic text chat and voice. - Blocking only hurts the game with people frustrated their needs aren’t met and leaving/quitting/blocking/kicking each other for something that could had been avoided.


People can’t say help here there’s a scion - mark this - I need a locker - I need this - Cover that side. Basic stuff.

“Take the objective” and “flank them” doesn’t cut it. Sorry Coalition.


Exactly, what is the point other than I guess using call outs. If any other decent player knows any sense on your team that is (instead of just running in and dying constantly like morons). You can’t trash talk otherwise some softy will report you so there is no point like you said.

Having emotes for this is utterly ridiculous.

Why does chat not work anymore? Should be an easy fix.

What benefit is it not letting players communicate?