Game bug not getting fixed for over a week now

This is over a week now of trying to contact any and every support that I can about the issues my account is having. I’m very angry at this point and would like my account to be fixed or be compensated for the time I’ve had taken away from me playing this game because of these issues. I’m still losing my right weapons slot, every time I roadie run it disappears , in arms race aswell I lose any weapon in the right or left weapon slot, horde is the same , im losing my weapon slot to the right along with the weapon it holds , and NOW I do NOT have the ability to mark my enemies. I just updated the game in hopes it would work and now I can not mark my enemies and still missing my right weapons slot, also the setting I had placed for the game were all out of sorts until I had to reset them to my liking. Again it has been OVER a week and I need this issue fixed. I pay for this game and the game pass ultimate and at this point I want to be compensated , either in game iron, or in money because this is ridiculous that I have had to wait over a week for multiple issues to be fixed and not one person has emailed me back or fixed the issue. I have exhausted all possible fixes on my end. I’ve switched consoles , controllers , uninstalled and reinstalled the game, checked my own internet did a hard reset to the console and STILL having these issues on my account only.

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