Game broken since update

Logged in, played 1 match of escape - server error so no results.

But now I can’t see my level, and my Operations screen is stuck on “loading”. Can’t see active tour objectives , rewards, anything. Restated game several times and console also… no help.

I’ve been patient and quiet about this game but constant issues like this are killing the fun very quickly.


Yup, on the exact same place as you. Keep trying to play gears and hoping they fix it. But seems like every update just keeps making things worse.

I cant see my level, I was re-up 6 level 65, now it looks like I have just started playing the game today, can’t see tod either

They’re having some issues it seems.

Things like these happen, all we can do is patient and wait for them to fix it. Sadly it happened in the weekends so the people working on these kind of things may not necessarily be available.

It’s pretty funny though since now everyone plays the same character in Horde and Escape. Would’ve been very interesting to see 5 Jacks flying around in Horde - but sadly Kait seems to be the default pick :smiley:

Oh, ya. We know.

Haha, I’m fairly new to Gears 5 so no idea how common these things are around here. :upside_down_face:

It happened to me but then I played a match of KOTH and everything was back to normal.