Game broken on PC after today's update

After installing today’s update the game became literally unplayable. After just a few seconds of normal gameplay, it starts dropping the fps to single digits, freezing the PC completely (requires hard reset) when opening the pause menu. Won’t let me quit the game or even Alt+Tab it.

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Same for me. Frame rate drops to 10 fps and then just freezes


I get error 502 now after trying to start the campaign from the main menu. Started happening since latest patch yesterday. 1070 gpu. :frowning:

Specs are good, I was playing 2k 60fps on ultra settings before the update.

CPU: Intel i5-4690
GPU: GTX 1070Ti

Me too, after installing the update, it’s constantly hitting high CPU and I can’t play this game anymore. Totally unplayable.

I fixed the crash I was getting = ‘gw502’

The game launches but it would crash before the campaign could start.

Turn off Vsync + set the cutscene frame limit to UNLIMITED.

Worked for me. Hope this helps others with this same issue.

edit ::: NOPE Started crashing on launch again today ;/

Ah OK. I think gtx 10 series has been having some issues. Not just you.