Game Breaking Upgrade Bug/Glitch - Cannot Pick Up Upgrade

This game has been out 9 months and this is still a thing.

In Act 3 it is impossible for me to pick up the upgrade that comes from the Waterworks side mission. There is never an X button prompt above the upgrade when the nomad puts it down and I just can’t pick it up.

I am playing Solo and it doesn’t matter what order I complete all the missions in, that upgrade will simply not let me pick it up.

This is truly pathetic. The incompetence of The Coalition is truly astounding to me. And then Microsoft has the nerve to manipulate the user reviews for this game. I never thought I’d say this but I think I really am done with Gears. From insane amounts of bugs that never get fixed to micro-transactions galore and turning Gears into a grind-fest, The Coalition have destroyed this series.