Game breaking PC BUG - Completely prevents playing

Using the Xbox game PC pass I installed Gears 5.
I than played the game for a couple days putting quite a few hours in when I could. When I went to log on 8/18/2019 I had to restart the Microsoft Store and also my laptop due to the store not working correctly.

When I reloaded it was trying to completely re-install the game this is a 60G game that took all afternoon. After some troubleshooting the only fix I could find was to try a fresh install, the following day it’s freshly installed and I load the game up on my lunch break to see if its working.
Game loads up immediately says it’s running an older version. So I quit out go back to microsoft store and assume it needs an update.
I learn this update is exact same size as the game itself. It’s not updating it’s trying to completely re-install the game AGAIN. The game is installed it’s on my computer but something is happening with the licensing or the updating that is forcing the store to try and re-install the game as if it isn’t already on my PC.

This seems to be an endless pattern I’ve googled it and even talked to Microsoft support and it seems to me like this is a unique problem that is either a result of Gears 5 or the Microsoft store than I am the current only victim of,

I am so tempted to download it on Steam but why would a spend a penny on a company who sells this broken of a product?
I am certain it’s not the Microsoft store because I have downloaded and am currently playing other games associated with the same pass.