Game breaking mutators in custom matches

Suspend your belief for a moment and imagine how exploited, abused, and populated (by yet-unqualified players) custom lobbies would become if we could add the daily mutators IN ADDITION to the common ones…

…especially if the skill card payouts kept increasing with each addition. Since these unique mutators can go both ways, maybe guaranteeing rare card drops (similar to some of the daily rewards). Up to two guaranteed blues for two mods, up to two blues and three purps for three to five mods, and golds for greater than 5 (just an example).

I don’t know exactly how many uniques there have been (for daily frenzy), but I actually read them all each day before playing haha- and even though many repeat often, we are still presented new ones once in awhile.

I think people would just go for broke with ■■■■■■■■ to be easy easy easy—- but gdamn if that isn’t a solution to the “masters is too easy” complaints.
The only technical issue would be maybe too much ■■■■ going on—— flusher poison frag incendiary shock shield reflection (line up ALL the options!!!).

IDC how badass you are; no elite players could run them all at once- maybe frenzy- sounds like people are running the daily frenzy in custom and switching game mode to horde (?).
But it’s fun to try and abysmally fail! I think I used to do something like this in the Halo Reach Forge or something like that——- soooooo many onscreen effects that the game would pretty much freeze/crash/lag… but it sure was pretty for awhile.
I kinda tried to do this initially in making my own escape hives. Who would’ve thought I couldn’t escape my own hive (so it could be published) by putting 10 wardens in one room or making the venom instant so you die before making it ten yards (ya know- maybe I should try them again now that my classes have developed)!

Some of the mutators replace the annoying ones like Power Drain or Exe-Rules. Yesterdays daily was pisseasy thanks to that despite the Shock-everything enemies

The problem is most people need to be carried or aren’t maxed out with a few characters by now, you can do master with all mutators on every daily so far.

The problem to me is that people only play to level up characters that aren’t high anymore. If a daily or weekly has XP as a reward all people do is want to play ■■■■ characters to get the reward. I haven’t even been bothering lately. Just isn’t fun when every lobby is 18+ be good and they are hosting with a level 13 slugger

Oh right nobody cheated their characters to level 20 as well, I’m glad I avoid public matches then lol.

Do you also hate fun?

Most cards are viable at Lv4. And there’s several easy hives that can be finished solo or as a duo. What’s the point of grinding if all you do is play the same map over and over again?

I have so many questions. Clock is pisseasy with Kait. Lv3 cards should be enough to finish the thing in less than 5 minutes on Master. By playing Incon you’re wasting a free card drop.