Game breaking glitch on Gears Tactics' final boss

After spending the past week struggling through Insane, I finally reached the final boss this afternoon. And like others have said before, TC obviously did not play test this game on Insane because good lord this final boss fight is ridiculous. But I’m not here to complain about that; moreso this glitch that suddenly occured. With how poorly designed insane difficulty is, I can’t be asked to get a flawless, no deaths run. It aint gonna happen. So, i make use of the restart mission/checkpoint system. However now, suddenly, there seems to be an issue with it now. When I hit restart checkpoint when one of my heros died during the boss fight, the game seemed to load for a second only to flash the Gears Tactics loading screen and suddenly I’m back at the beginning of the mission instead of whatever phase of the bossfight I was on. The worst part is that now it even happens in the very first phase of the fight when reloading. I didn’t struggle through insane just to be cucked at the very end. Unless there’s a fix I’m actually done with Tactics.
I never had a flawless no restarts mission throughout my insane playthrough so I can’t even consider it here.

Can’t offer any constructive help other than to say I feel for you. I hope you get it sorted, you must be beyond peedoff. I would have probably broken several controllers (that is what you want MS :astonished:) or at the very least uninstalled.
All the best :+1::facepunch:

Send your issue over to support. I had this same thing happen to me. It triggers during the last phase of the Ukkon fight for some unknown reason. I had to have a perfect run at the end on Insane just to avoid getting sent back to the beginning every time.

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Same happened to me, my thread is still up. Absolutely infuriating lol. Good luck.

Same has happened to me now three times. Also the bug where one get stuck on “enemy turn” happened aswell one time. First time I’ve “missed” a 100% shot aswell at this chapter. Seems the whole level is riddled with game breaking bugs:’(

Just happened to me, albeit not on insane. Mikala got killed with about It 20% health remaining on the final block!:angry::angry:
Not sure I can be bothered to start the whole thing again. Total ballache of a mission anyway. The whole fight takes too long anyway.

@TC_Sera and @TC_Kilo1062 Morning both, please see thread. Obviously a legitimate issue, can you offer some advice please.