Game breaking glitch in Act 3, unable to progress at all

Game breaking glitch in Act 3. Cannot progress.

Not really any spoilers, but this occurs in Act 3 when you’re following the main missions and can explore to find secondary objectives at your own pace.

Ive completed all side missions before progressing to the, what I think, is the end of the main missions and now it’s telling me to go back to a side mission area. I have no objectives on screen and when going back to required area, no doors are openable etc and radio dialog has just been repeated from when I did the side mission.

Loading previous checkpoints results in the same. The only workaround I imagine is to play through the majority of act 3 again which I’m not planning on doing.

Anyone else had similar and know what I’m talking about and maybe know a fix?

Only solution I can think of is to play it in co op and have a player as Jack to try and open said door, but I have my doubts.


Is that the artillery side mission where you have a wave of juvies and a snatcher?

If so, i got stuck on that area with nothing happening after killing the snatcher, i only managed to get past it buy using jacks pulse and finding that 2 juvies had got stuck in the roof…i just walked out of the mission area towards the desert and they eventually came down, killed them and could carry on.

I went to the cosmonaut facility first as I was having s look around before continuing with the main objective. I completed everything there and progressed to the turntable area at the end. It then did the radio message to go to the cosmonaut facility and do it all over again, going back wouldn’t let me send Jack through a vent to open the door thus leaving the game impossible to progress.

In the end I reloaded previous checkpoint and it reset all of my progress and stats for Act 3 regarding collectables etc. And side missions.

I went on and completed the game anyway, on insane I’ll add, and I didn’t even get any achievements for completing the game. Talk about insult to injury.

I think that achievement is glitched…i completed the game and it says that i have only completed 93% !!