Game breaking glitch/bug on PC

so for me i play on a mouse and keyboard. my key binds are set to e pick up/use and w to move forward. after i pick something up and wall bounce the game somehow automatically has e pressed so if i walk by a weapon i pick it up, now that has happened in some pretty bad situations. i have it recorded and if necessary i will post. as for my forward w key, the game sometimes just doesn’t move my character forward at all. now i know for a fact its not my equipment. i would like a fix to this for update title 2 please!

this also happens if you use a mouse and keyboard on an xbox. its even worse on an xbox than on pc.

Have you tried binding “E” to a different key?
Have you tried a different keyboard?

The character can stop walk, it’s just part of the game… Had it happen several times using the joystick on my controller. First noticed in the “tech test” it did happen more frequently then. But still exist in this version of the game today

yes i have tried rebinding the key to something else, playing and it continues to happen. ive tried on three different set ups, two different PCs including my own, and my buddys xbox one. and it still happens. plug in a mouse and keyboard and start wallbouncing then go to a dropped gun. if “stop walking” is part of this game then it obviously shouldn’t… am i wrong? help get these issues fixed. it continues to happen as of october 18th. 2019

I got this issue several times last couple of days. especially in the beginning of a match/round. Its starts to get really annoying by now.

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