Game breaking bug on First Boss - Help


I cannot complete the first boss encounter (BRUMAK). The boss fight requires you to shoot the fuel tanks on the bosses back. Once shot the boss turns around and faces whoever shot him and someone else has to shoot him in the back and so and so on.

A couple of turns into the boss fight (I seen it happen on first and 3rd turns so it seems random) you TAB button (or even triggers on controller) stop working and you CANNOT switch to your units at will. I am forced to complete actions of whatever unit is currently selected before going onto the next one. This makes the fight impossible to complete as the boss has a HUGE HP pool and constantly needs to be shot in the back to damage the fuel tanks.

I tried restarting the encouter but still having the same issue. Any find a workaround?

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You could try going into Setting and changing the keybinding (or adding an alternate binding). Or you should be able to left-click on any soldier in-game or in the UI at left to select them.

Played last night for a few hours and not even once did I use the TAB key to switch enemies / characters.

Just click on the character icon on the left of the screen.

I tried rebinding the button, connecting a controller and as you said clicking the characters manually on the left side but once it glitches none of those things work :frowning:

They do in the beginning of the fight but once it glitches the units cannot be switched too manually.

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Ohh that’s different and quite bad since there would be no way out. Guess I’ll find out tonight.

@iRkiIIer You can try hitting escape to deselect the character you’re currently targeting or just use your mouse and select the character that you want to use.

May i ask you what difficulty you’re playing on? @iRkiIIer

I have tried that but its 100% a bug because the fight starts out normally just like any other encounter and also I have lost the ability to switch between units in the middle of my turn as well. Like I would be pressing tab to decide which character I want to attack with and them BAM the tab button would just stop working and I would not be able to switch anymore (like I said this happens randomly, usually in the middle of my turn and on different turns)

I think I am playing on Intermediate but I cannot double check since I am in the battle. If I save and exit will I resume from the boss fight or will have to redo the entire level ? The boss fight wasn’t a separate mission, it was a 2nd part of a mission thats why I’m asking :slight_smile:

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Not sure. I am wondering the same thing about saving and quitting whether i will start at the boss fight or not

I managed to complete the encounter by simply not using TAB at all. I manually selected characters (by clicking on their portrait on the left of the screen).

If anyone else is having issues I suggest doing the same. The bugs seems to be related to the TAB button (not sure about controllers)


Nice. I gave up for now lol. I was getting frustrated!

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Sorry to hear about your issue, glad to hear you got through it though.

Do you remember if anything particular happened before tab stopped working? ie. Brumak firing rockets etc? That would be super helpful to help us narrow down the issue.

Enjoy the rest of the game!

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This is a super frustrating bug. I’ve had to restart the fight 4 times already from this alone. hopefully they patch it out soon.

I Have the same bug! Same battle with the Brumak but it seem its the only instance it happens… right now I am on Act 2-3.

As I recall it happened after the first tank got destroyed, after everything working OK and playing some turns I ended my turn, missiles lands, enemy turn happens then when I started my turn BAM, can’t change units, using TAB/SHIFT or mouse click does not work, So I saved and exit to the main menu and continue and again, was able to play some turns but it happened again, then I saved and exited the game, reopened the game and was able to finish the level.

Really annoying, but great game nonetheless , at least so far, and I love XCOM OG, EU and 2.

SPECS: AMD R7 1700, ASUS Crosshair Hero VI WiFi, 16GBx2 DDR4 RAM, RX 470 4GB, OS Win 10 Updated.

Could be the firing rockets part, remembered there where grunts and wretches… hard to say

wanted to say i had the same problem. Lost all ability to swap characters manually by tabbing or clicking portaits. for me it always seemed to happen after i had shot the canisters and triggered a turn. not when shooting grubs or when shooting the arm guns. all i did was save and reload everytime it happened and it would fix itself but it would keep happening


Same bug appeared for me and for my friend too. After a couple of “rounds” you can not switch between your characters no matter how you try it. Only thing what you can do is to reload to the checkpoint… however the issue occur once again at the end of the fight.

Yes same thing happened to me twice, It’s not a game breaking bug but it makes the boss fight way more difficult. At first i thought it was a game mechanic for this particular fight but then things started to get a bit too difficult for that to be the case.

The first time i reloaded the mission and the second time (while i was reading this topic) just the last checkpoint as soon as the bug occured. This way i was able to finish the fight normally, the bug doesn’t happen all the times.

Have the same issue here. Tried restarting mission / rebinding / restarting game / reloading checkpoints.
Can’t tab through nor select with mouse. Making it very difficult to get past this encounter.

We’ve added this to our known issues list. I’ve seen mentions in her of tabbing and clicking units not working - does clicking their portrait on the left side of the screen work? We’ve seen this function as a workaround for others on the Steam forums.

We do have a TU incoming to get this resolved as soon as we can, but we’re looking at any user-posted fixes to pass to others in the interim.

Hey, I might have some additional Input regarding that bug.
I encountered that same bug multiple times during that fight. Once after destroying the first tank, the second time after destroying the second tank, and one time right after the spawn of an e-hole, I think it happens when you press “tab” too quickly while there is still some other animation happening, like the Brumak turning or you soldier reloading. Reloading that last checkpoint and clicking on the icons worked fine for me.

But I had the same bug during another mission before, so I don’t think it’s tied to the boss fight, it’s just easier to trigger it there.
Sadly I don’t remember what the other mission was I got the bug on. There I just started over from the last checkpoint and I had no problems.