Game breaking bug 2.0

Had this bug happen to me twice now where I’m completely unable to resume controlling my character and am stuck on the respawn screen. The only way to solve it is if someone kills you again but if you’re just standing there, it’s very unlikely that someone will. Here it is in what was a pretty close and epic ranked KOTH game until the bug ruined everything, forcing me to sit out for close to 2 minutes and spoiling the entire match.


Never seen that, but that would be super frustrating.

Usually happens when you join during a Social-match.

It’s up there with the glitch that glues you to walls making you unable move other than by wallbouncing (only seen that in PvE so far) or not being able to shoot/melee (witnessed in both modes). It’s rare so they’re probably not that known.

Yesterday I had it where I kept spawning in on PVP with no weapons, was just running about with my fists :joy::rofl:

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Huh? At least you spawned at all. When this happens to me, I’ll never spawn into the game to begin with. My name will just be taking up a spot on the team and be at all zeroes, of course. Sometimes it happens to a few of us and others leave right away if it happens. My team will be stuck playing short-handed and my option is to either sit through the entire match spectating or quit.

I had a social match earlier this week, me n a few friends joined a match on bunker tdm 4v 4 match started and nobody on any team spawned in. We managed to win tho after 2 mins the other team left😁