Game Boost. Can someone explain this to me?

Boost from Ult Edition was 30 days and ticks down regardless as to whether you play or not


As mentioned above the boost was 30 days, not 90. It also starts counting down as soon as the game is first played.

This DLC includes the content in Gears 5 Ultimate Edition:

  • Boost: 30 Day Bonus - Accelerate your in-game rewards with 30 days of Boost. Players who are boosted earn rewards faster.

  • The Halo: Reach Character Pack -Includes Emile and Kat multiplayer characters, Halo Reach: Noble Team Jack skin, Halo Reach: Noble Team banner, Halo Reach: Emile Blood Spray, and Halo Reach: Noble Team Mark

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Most people should be running out of Boost about now. It’s been over 30 days and once you factor in the extra bits like the compensation Boost from the first week most people will have run out or are about to.

I really hope people don’t buy extra Boost. It seems like very poor value to me. It’s essentially £10 or so for 30 days of Boost.

I’ve personally got an extra code for 30 days of Boost but am saving that for Operation 2 which will also be close to Christmas when I’ve got time off. If there are new characters released then, then I can level them up a bit quicker.

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As far as i can tell the boost doesnt apply to horde hero exp. The “re-up” +100% is applied after the horde exp.

You do get double “the scrap bonus” thing though.

I most likely will not be getting extra boost after mine runs out today.

Under the “Boost” heading it says that it also includes Horde and Escape characters.

Yeah ive seen that, but i think its lying. In my playtime ive seen no evidence of it, only to the contrary.

EDIT: Like i said in my previous posts, you watch the exp applied in the after horde game results sequence, Ive done the maths, it applies single exp to the horde character then double exp to the rank. I dont know if its because i got 30 day with the ultimate on ultimate game pass, but for this reason im not going to buy the boost because that description regarding double horde character exp is a lie.

I’ll give it a little test when my Boost ends next week. I really doubt this was the case. TC may be incompetent, but to say that they are so brazenly falsely advertising a product like this, I’ll need more evidence.

Heres a video the results from my last horde match. 20waves on insane mad mans monster.

I start at level 23, 936/1700 exp.
Get awarded 4047 exp
Get to level 25 (reup VII) 1583/1700 exp
Marcus starts at level 14, 10212/15000
Marcus goes to level 14, 14940/15000
I get the +100% boost bonus an i go to level 28, 600/1700 (+4197exp) (150 extra exp from the ribbons which then get awarded)
Supply drops (about 1.5 yellow rings to get 2 X +5 scrap)
Boost supply drop ( about 1.5 blue rings to get +5 scrap).
And thats it. No bonus exp for horde Marcus.

Something does look a bit off because im now level 32 reup VII. Has it actually awarded me 4x re up exp and only 1x horde exp? But Horde character exp has always been single and has never doubled up.

How do you know the x2 character boost isn’t included in the 4,728 XP awarded to your Marcus character? Couldn’t it be that if you had no boost then your character would be at level 14, 12,576/15,000?

but the thing is it shouldn’t be used if you don’t log into the game or play a match. I think it’s a way for Coalition to get us to buy more boost in game.

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I agree. I never said it should. If it only counts down when you log in I’d imagine the economics around Boost and the cost would be different. It would probably be sold on an hourly basis.

What I would hope is that after this initial period where alot of players had Boost, now that it’s run out or is running out soon, very few people, if any at all, buy more of it and this is a message to TC that it’s a poor product and poor value. It’s basically £10 for 30 days in GBP.

It’s 1000 class exp for wave 50 only on Master with Boost. Idk hm without since my boosts is still going

Gat imm

Boost definitely doubles horde character xp.

It just doesn’t show visually in the results screen like the other boost affected areas do (the boost xp count, the blue supply boost etc)

I was very curious about this as getting Horde chaps to 18 is about the only draw in the game for me.

I ran out yesterday, 15k short of lvl18 Del. Ran what should have been about 10k xp, only got 5k.

Had a moment of weakness and for a moment or two actually entertained the thought of buying some iron to buy some boost. Just a moment or two though. Takes a special kind to pay to progress twice as fast in an arbitrary XP system designed in part with the paid progression in mind. And all this, using an in-game currency, itself a scummy greed inspired system, in a game (and I’ll be kind) that is decidedly average at best.

Instead, I think I’ll just not play much now. By handing out all that free boost, TC have shot themselves in the foot afaic (well, again, their G4/5 record is shoddy at best - I’m still waiting on some of the G4 season pass maps, foggy maps lol). I’m used to the boosted XP / scrap gains, that is my normal, that is how it has been since my fist completed match. So now my time feels less valuable, ah, but I can pay to get back to what I consider the norm. Odd? Perhaps, but I won’t be alone in that, albeit that is part of what the greedy analysts are hoping for (along with as many chumps as possible).

But yeah, buying boost, see above paragraph!

On a slight plus, I started a horde run with 10 mins left of boost. Wave 40 fail sadly, but the whole run got the boost treatment even though it would have run out by wave 5 or 6.


Yep my Boost ran out yesterday evening (after eight weeks) and agree that it didn’t feel like a boost because it was there from the very start.

Personally not bothered about xp for re-ups and although less xp for character classes will be noticeable it’s going to be the reduction in scrap drops that will greatly increase the overall grind of this game…that said, I definitely won’t be purchasing anymore boost as I refuse to support any of the monetisation practises that have been implemented in this game.

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The boost doesn’t go down weather you play or not, mine doesn’t anyway, everytime I go on the game I still have the same amount of days as I did when I left the game

Well lucky you I suppose :laughing:

Yep this is a glitch :joy:.

Make the most of it while it lasts :wink:.

And it will last a very long time! :wink: