G5 quitters/AFKers, now worse than G4

Pretty much every game I play in G5 (I play a few 4 & 5 each night) ends up with quitters or AFKers. Noticeably more than in G4’s games, right now…

That is such a sad data point…

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Surprisingly, I’ve been on the opposite end of the spectrum with this recently.

I’ve seen a drastic reduction in quitters in the matches I’ve played for the last week.

The week before that, it happened nearly every game. This week it has been about 1 in every 5 or so.

It should be noted that I generally only play TDM though. I hear quitting is rampant in KOTH

I haven’t seen it much in Guardian lately, either. Haven’t touched KOTH or TDM for a couple weeks now because of the ranking issues