G5 is one big conspiracy to kill gnasher play

To me it seems all the little changes theyve made to g5 are engineered to atop gnasher play
Firstly the 6 shot clip and 3 shot reload instead of full clip and no active gnasher, this is obviously a dig at using the gnasher, you can understabd how without explanation
Secondly, the new damage omen this makes gnasher fights seem foggy and messy, encouraging players to sit back instead, this also boosts lancer play because not only will lancer yake your health but also your ability to see, amplifying its effect
New movement, as a personal obsrvation I roll A LOT and the movement has clearly been slowed favouring that cod playstyle
With this said, id recommend adding 8 shots again and full clip reloads no matter what and changing the omen back, the movement can always be warmed up to tho


I imagine you could use your celebrity prowess to pull some strings in Vancouver.


With no problem or hesitation mate


Its not just the ghasher the power weapons are considerably worse and everything is overpowered.

How they c an think it’s fun even for new players to have this terrible OP, low effort rifle play is beyond me.

This isn’t what makes gears fun and the MP directors just don’t get it.


Id say gears is about those quick gib kills, whether its with the gnasher, snipe,boom,tbow,embar the list goes on, so I dont know why theyre trying to force a rifle playstyle when thats how barely anyone chooses to play, one of the things that got me into gears was how much health there was, it definarely made power weapons more influential


The kills in both 4 and 5 feel meaningless, in 1 and UE they were heavy and important.

They are favouring low effort play, which not even causals find fun.

Power weapons need to have more impact and first and formeost rifles need to be drastically toned down.


I think TC should really hire some gow vets all with different playstyles to please everyone, best as possible


It’s not going to matter. TC was involved in Gears UE and 4, they aren’t new to this series. They WANT it to play the way it is does.

They went way, waaaaaay too far with hard aiming. It was bad enough in Gears 4. Now everything does so much damage and you don’t even have to be accurate to land shots. Go test that out yourself, you can shoot the ■■■■■■■ air and still gib someone now.

It sucks because even something like Gears 3 had extremely powerful rifles that can down you extemely fast but you could negate that with wallbouncing or just good movement in general to throw their aim off. Now you don’t even have that, you can avoid most of their gun fire and see them wildly shoot at air on the right hand side of the screen while your character falls on the left hand side. It’s terrible and its all by design.


I completely agree!

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That’s because they increased pellet per pellet damage, spread and range of ghansher, noobyfying it and stopping the great duels that happened.


Yeah, at this point the gnasher is a multi shot sawed off.

Give them an inch, and they take a mile.


Epic never liked the Gnasher playstyle. I assume neither does TC and it’s former Epic employees. They’ve always put things in each and every release to minimize Gnasher gameplay. In Gears 2 they introduced the smoke stun, lowered the Gnasher firerate, and made it shoot the ground if you tried to fire out of roadie run. This was on purpose. In Gears 3 they introduced stopping power, the Retro Lancer, and the Sawed Off. This was on purpose. In Gears 4 they introduced a delay before shooting out of roadie run and a delay after sliding (they ended up removing the latter, I believe), vault kick knifing, grabbing, the Enforcer, and bad weapon tunings (Probably a lot more. It’s my least played Gears outside of Judgement and I stopped playing it over a year ago so it’s hard to remember).

The point being smoke stuns, delays, vault kick, grabs, knifing, stopping power, Sawed Off, Enforcer, Retro Lancer, floor shots, and slow firerate are all roadblocks put in place to weaken the Gnasher and to make sure nobody had to face anyone in a fair fight. I remember in Gears 1 my friends and I used to come up with timed strategies to take over the Sniper on Gridlock. One person flank. Two go up the front stairs. One person grabs frags. Everyone attack on three, two, one. We knew we would lose teammates but that was the cost of gaining ground. Now how would that situation play out? Just throw a smoke and run in and you can probably take out 2-3 defenseless enemies yourself.

It’s sad that the developers have never embraced the fact that the Gnasher, and the skill it takes to use and master, is what makes Gears unique. That’s why people keep coming back. That’s what makes it competitive. Outplaying people skill vs skill is what makes the game exciting not sitting on a wall with four teammates lancering.


I totally agree, just started playing verses, and I feel as if I’m in a call of duty game, I’m not a fan so far, due to it being more of a long distance fight constantly!


Gears 5 is heavily lancer based now…

I’m not enjoying Gears 5 at all. I stopped playing 2 days in.


They have even stated this very thing straight up. The new omen is for the new rifle meta.

Excellent post. This is what they want. I’ve been telling people that TC could tweak this or that but that the game will still be on the casual side regardless. It was designed that way.

Honestly, I believe every weapon has it’s place and depending on the situation depends on my tactic. With that said though the Lancer was always about support. When a team mate needs help you lancer them a bit or when someone needs help getting a weapon. Heck I have even used it to get someone to back off a bit if they’re rushing in and im not ready for cqc. I don’t mind the Lancer being a little better than it was, but its too powerful right now for sure.

Although, im still gonna keep playing it the way I have always played Gears. I would rather destroy my rank and KD than set back and Lancer camp.


All that said I feel as tho g5 is where that meta of rifle play is being enforced even harder but I couldnt agree more

This is evident from the Omen Change which isn’t close quarters friendly and also “rifle meta” and rifles getting a lot of attention plus the only real new guns are pretty much rifles and Gnasher went from 8 to 6 shots and don’t hit active and your reload gives you 3 :neutral_face: