G5 Guardian mode,Flaw in logic COG FM JINN

I don’t know if anyone ever said anything about this before now but the COG leader 1st minister jinn isn’t there with your team and so technically can’t be assassinated by the swarm because it’s just here face on a DB body.So if this mode is to be correctly done we would need a 1st minister jinn human version,what do you know a reason to add her human character model.

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I’ll take it! Anything Anti-Jinn is good by me!

I prefer the Swarm/Locust but at least Hoffman and Prescott were respectable.

I’d even take Golden Marcus back over that pathetic Jinn.


Characters can break the 4th wall with respawn and revenge quotes. I think logic is thrown out the window.

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If a human Jinn skin comes out, people are gonna want her for all modes. Then you’re gonna see an increase of Jinns. Doesn’t sound Anti-Jinn to me.

I was gonna ask who had revenge quotes, then i looked it up and saw your video. So carmines only?

Everyone. Get killed 5 times and kill them (execute them in private).

Thats cool. They should have made it to just one kill or execution rather than a Nemesis, just so we could hear the cool dialogue more often

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Don’t speak like that. No more Jinn skins.

Well currently there 0 jinn skins,putting her face on a DB don’t count as a real jinn skin.

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