G5 campaign bug reports, Local splitscreen

Playing split screen and stuck in Baird’s Lab, Act 1, Ch2. Cannot interact with the shimmering Jack component on the desk. Tried to reload current checkpoint and loaded in outside the playable area resulting in instant death. Tried to reload previous checkpoint and got stuck on the loading screen for several minutes. Quit the application and restarted. Initial loading screen took several minutes. Logging in second player profile took several minutes. Loading in from previous continue took less than 1 minute. Loaded back to previous checkpoint due to attempt stated above (this put us at the fight just before the rocket launch.) Time from restarting game application to getting back into the campaign: about 7 minutes.
Will update once back in Baird’s Lab.

After reload the achievements for finishing chapter 1 unlocked, suggesting the glitch was in play prior to starting chapter 2, even though the cutscenes played out correctly.
Note: upon regaining control in the Lab, Iris gives her quip to Baird, which did not happen the first time around. All seems to be working now.

New issue:
Act 1: Chapter 3
I died while trapped after KR crash but the game did not reload the checkpoint and player 2 (local split screen) is still in play. Checkpoint saving is continuously running in the bottom left corner.
Pause menu does not provide a reload option.
Player 2 used Grenades to suicide. Game stayed in play with both players dead. Pause menu became inoperable.
Quit game application and restarted. Both initial load times were significantly faster than previous post.
Continue option reloaded us to player control just before the cutscene with Marcus and Jin.

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Act 1, ch. The Tide Turns
During the cutscene with Clayton and Lizzie the “Saving profile” icon continuously displayed on the bottom left. After the scene we had black screen with sound. ‘B button to skip’ and pause menu interaction also available. Background audio could be heard.
Exited to menu for reload.
Load in put us at the beginning of the Snatcher fight. Issue seems to have resolved.


Split screen:
While paused
“Online connection lost: co-op not available”
Game shut itself down entirely and booted us to the XB1 dashboard.

I have been having this exact same issue with Act 1 ch 3 and unless I close the app completely once it happens, then it continuously loads myself and second player outside of the map.

Hopefully a patch/update is in the works for this…

That happened to us as well, which is when we started logging everything here. It seems to have improved considerably when we played yesterday vs Friday and saturday, but it still had a hiccup or two

This happened to us in Baird’s lab as well. Reloading only gave us instant death in a black and white screen, and I mean one screen completely white and the other completely black. The only way to bypass this issue was to completely restart the Xbox. We still had to restart part of the campaign though to get back to that point.
We encountered another issue while trying to join up with Carmine and his DeeBees, where we cleared the grubs and couldn’t advance to the next section, where the green smoke was coming from. We had to restart the console again as the reloading was never ending.

Act 2:
When trying to find the entrance to Niles lab, when you fight your first warden, Del(AI) gets stuck in the ice, he falls into an unseen hole up to his waist and can’t get out of it.