G4 Speedrunning (TCs failure to stop it's effectiveness) & How TC neutered Speedrunning in G5

What has been the biggest reason for speedrunning in G5 not being as much of a useful way to earn Coins?

In G4 you earned coins simply for completing waves & Coin accruement were DIRECTLY tied to the unconditional completion of waves.

After various failed attempts in G4 to combat the absolute ease @ which us PvE players were boosting up our Coin stashes which included attempts @ altering Spawn Mechanics & anti-spawn blocking measures we simply found other maps &/or other setups to counter TCs anti-speedrunning measures.

In G5 i always felt that the star system which proved to be an added layer of ‘conditions’ to which upon forced Horde players to not only complete waves but to complete them in specific ways to which then led to a a ‘Multi-Tired Reward-System’ that included Coins that were spread out amongst other 'FORCED REWARDS ’ that we HAD to earn in order to reach the next set of Coins rewards.

I feel here in lay the 2 ways that TC neutered speedrunning in G5.

#1 Gear Coins earned through a Tiered-Rewards System (as part of a pool of rewards under The Star System) as opposed to G4s Credits being rewarded directly from completion of waves. (+ Bounties to a much smaller extent).

#2 Stars earned via conditionally completing waves (not sure if this has changed since launch) in a challenge style system. (x kills with x weapon etc,kills of x amount of x enemy type) as opposed to completing x waves to earn x amount of stars.

I feel that TC misappropriated the base rate of Credit accruement in G4 that was unintended which left a great disparity on what a PvE player could earn (credit-per-minutes-spent) vs what a PvP player could earn.

Naturally TC could have nerfed the base rate of Credit accruement post-launch but then they would have been on the receiving end of a lot of negativity. & as such i was waiting to see how they’d change the reward/currency system that was to act as the new mechanism to unlock skill-cards for PvE players in G5 & hence here we are/have been.


I haven’t played much G5, just for a few months after the de-coupling of classes/skins & that was it & as such I 'd be more curious to see what all of the hardcore G5 Horde personnel around these parts have to weigh in on the subject??

A few shock grenades and a couple sentries dont completely annihilate an entire wave in a couple seconds in Gears 5. People have the escape tile maps though which is the next best thing. Easy spawn traps, easy boss waves as only Snatchers and Matriarchs spawn besides Rail Line which can have a Swarmak, and all maps are fairly fast if you know the right fab spots.

I am one of many people that are happy that TC was able to get rid of the super aggregous spawn trap “speedrun” meta that was Gears 4. The horde in 5 is far superior because you have to actually play the game now. I know its taking some people time to but Gears 5 horde is making the player base better because they have to learn how to fight the enemies.

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Uhm, you’re not actually answering my queries here.

In G4 i barely ever speedran because it was boring. I just did it on the backend of some tough sessions or when i wanted to chill & earn some easy Credits.

I played the game minus Sentries & Turrets amongst other things & it was extremely difficult. Again the speedrunning options in G4 had no bearing on how difficult the game could be if you chose to go the other way with it.

The horde in 5 is far superior because you have to actually play the game now

Quotes like these have no substance behind them whatsoever. Sheesh.

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Speedruns aren’t good for coin payout because they want you completing challenges and ranking up in the tour for coins.

You get stars for time played in games so you technically want to be in a game for as long as possible in Gears 5.

Yes but how much stars per time spent & how that all adds back to earning Gear Coins sandwiched in & around other forced rewards that are used to then purchase skill-cards.

It’s this specific loop that i feel countered speedrunning.

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Not too sure about the star/time spent ratio. I think its 1 star per hour played in game. Thats seems about what I get for my 5 wave games. I get 2 stars mostly every time I play a 50 wave as my games usually take around an hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours.

@Bleeding_Pepper may know. He knows alot about this game and stuff like that.

Also you can’t forget that TC put boost in the game to entice people to spend money to speed up their star and coin gain.

Eh, kind of. There are still spawn trap methods outside of tile maps, they’re simply not popular because the tile map setups are the fastest and easiest. At least the spawn trap methods in 4 required some coordination. Overload speedruns are the definition of braindead. Tile maps don’t belong in Horde.

Sentries were definitely stronger in 4, but literally everything else is stronger/easier in 5. High level Sniper gameplay was harder in 4. High level Heavy play (end of life, not counting turret/salvo spawm which was nerfed) was much, much harder than Demo/Tact in 5.

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As far as stars and playing time is concerned, I’m pretty sure it’s 1 star every 30 minutes played, but we’re talking actual game time so time spent in the menus, loading etc obviously don’t count.

They also don’t seem to round it up either, so if you play a Horde game for say, 50 minutes you’ll only get 1 star for the first 30 minutes played. However in the same session (so assuming you don’t restart your console or anything) it remembers that you are “owed” 20 minutes, so if you play a quick 10 minute Escape game or something, then it will give you another 1 star.

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Haha indeed. Standing @ certain points like on War Machine ()or whatever that map was called) & not move. I think it was two-&-two standing on those 4 cog symbols on the ground & soldier grenade planting the spawn.

Yeah & it was fun when things got a little out of hand & the spawn trap leaked enemies lol.

What are these “tile Maps” that everyone is speaking of?

Are they for Escape only? Or Custom in both modes??

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Ohhhhhhh, pleeeeeeease…

Pop into any of my games and every other wave takes about 15seconds…

And why do you care how other people play?

Create your own custom lobby, play how YOU want.

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Overload, Abyss, Rail Line, Command, Atrium and Turbine are all maps made from tiles that were originally meant for escape maps. Theyre pretty fun but not all bosses can spawn on them

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Whoa! 1 star every 30 minutes?? Now we are getting down to the nitty gritty of this anti-speedrunning measure i wanted to know about.

This is however a nice little return, that the game remembers that it owes you lol! I’m assuming it needs to be completed time, e.g not 10 minutes only to fail a wave haha!

I dont care how other people play though. I say all the time I want people to play how they have fun. No need to get hostile. You like speedruns? Thats cool, man. I was just giving an opinion.

Thats cool man. Sounds like my games

I dont

I do. Literally everyday.

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I just got the impression that i came across from your point-of-view as “a salty speedrunner that wanted cheap 50 wave clears”

I think it was a quote from you in the heat of the moment & one that you did not mean as literally as it sounded.

Especially once you saw some context contained within my reply :smiley:

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Its hard to interpret people’s intention sometimes through only text. So i apologize for any ill will that may have been interpreted because i do understand how it seemed that way. I preach all the time i want people to play how they want because it doesnt affect other people, you know? Whether it be cheating, exploiting, speedrunning or doing challenge games. People should play how they want. In their own lobbies though. You shouldn’t join another person’s game and exploit or cheat without them being okay with it.

Preach on.

Yes, likewise i expected the hate to pour in until you replied in a reasonable manner.

@ least now i have been provided more proof that TC did ‘change things up’ in order to avoid all those mtx ‘losses’ that they suffered in G4 due in part or whole to speedrunning strategies.

There’s no way to find out how much mtx money TC makes from these Gears games is there?

Or should i try asking Microsoft that question via one of their ‘helplines’ hehe!?!

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Any play time - the only mode it doesn’t apply to is offline LAN modes; and campaign (to the best of my knowledge). It doesn’t matter if you win or lose.

I couldn’t really comment too much on Gear Coins though. All of my classes have been maxed out for quite a while now so any skill cards I get are converted into GC anyway, so I’ve kind got GC on tap right now. Obviously people need to get to a similar stage where they have maxed out alot of skill cards and can get duplicates. It takes alot of time obviously. The TOD and daily objectives is probably your best bet if you’re not at this stage yet. And the post-tour Legend rank helps as well.

I try my best to see and understand everyones take on things on here and be reasonable. Theres no real need for hostility. We’re all here to talk about Gears.

How many hours have you poured into Horde (ballpark figure) if i may ask?

In G4 i had various stats on Wave Completions/Fails etc that helped provide some valuable insight,