G4 should have been the end for gears

This game should have been called somthing else.
Because so far it’s a poor show.
Dont feel like gears, they ruining the game with unnecessary adds and changes to “make a mark in gaming”.

They should have made a new game with a similar mechanic.
That way they can do what they like and we wouldn’t care because nothing is being ruined.
And no "expectations to meet.

As a result a better game.

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They Shortened it to Gears to remove the “of Fortnite” from the title :wink:

In all seriousness, it’s more Judgement 2.0 than 5.0.

Definitely shed its resemblance to 4, sadly.


It couldn’t be the end because Gears 4 finished by leaving the story on cliffhanger.

Versus doesn’t make the end of Gears. The story does. And we haven’t even played Gears 5 Campaign yet.


I have a feeling the campaign is going to be fantastic.

From the benchmark,

It already looks ridiculously good visually speaking.

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Good point,
however deebees are a good example on why TC shouldn’t finish the story.
I can see the story being dragged on with little point.

Personally it feels the story beyond g3 is a spin off.

One thing I can say is that people need to calm down a little. Look at what happened between Gears 4 beta and the updates. The game is going to change over the next year so hold your horses and keep giving TC constructive feedback to help make this game what the community wants


Its called GEARS CA5UAL.

I just played two more KOTH games today, and I still think its horrifically awful.

That training map is an abomination of what Gears Judgement was. The movement is slow, stiff and just non responsive. There seems to be a tonne of delays before you can even shoot. The omen is ridiculously bad. The Hud and scoreboard design is terrible. The list goes on.

This game makes Gears 4 look better and that’s just tragic.

Gears ended with number 3.


Yee, I feel like being vocal for G5.
I noticed most people who do want to numb gears to make it simple.

Gears 4 took a lot of work and was still bad at the end.
2 gnasher settings, bugs, wallbounce nerf with hp not recovering, because the wrong people are talking.

Just sharing my opinions and how it feels for me, giving my say like everyone else.

Hey Gentlemen,

Gears Tech test was a treat for me despite the bugs and the issues there and there…

By looking at the updates, feedback topics, and replying to community just for a tech test; TC is doing a great job by opening such communication channels…



Ye, it has been fun putting the bugs and stuff aside.
But If we dont Express our opinions, nothing or little will change to improve.

Thus another pants game ^.^

For me g5 is the selling point on buying the next xbox.
If it is pants I wont be getting one

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There was nearly 6 months between the Gears 4 beta and the release, we’ve got another 1.5 months until Gears 5 launches so I doubt anything will change.


Hopefully, they already have other settings for next tech test. And see how it compares…

I dont see them having this one setting, this near to release without a back up

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We definitely need to express our opinions. But a lot of the post I’m seeing is just “this game sucks” or “its not gears” People need to expain why they dont like it ect.

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Yeah. It’s sad that I agree with you. I think this game needs to be delayed.

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The problem in this day and age in video games is that a lot of companies release half assssed games. We as consumers let this happen with the 360/PS3. Because we know updates are coming. Look at State of Decay 2. That game was messed up on release and it took a 20gig update to fix a lot of the problems.

Edit: Not comparing Gears 5 to State of Decay just the principle


Game is fine as is. September here we come…

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Already have, in detail .

The reason for this post is to draw attention.
The comments usually turn up the issues, with everyone’s input.
It’s nice to see others thoughts.
Mabe they will change mine

Gears is more than just multiplayer. I’ll admit, this VS is a no go for me. I’m not feeling it. But, the campaign will be big and Horde is a hugely popular mode. Gears doesn’t die just because the VS isn’t great.


I agree, but, a dragged out story can be disappointing.
Especially when every sequel to the story gets worse.

I can agree there is more than vs, but horde dont need the finer tuning. Horde is good. Not my preferred gameplay but it works well.

They could make a new story call it a new game with same horde and vs concepts. But do a better job if there isn’t any expectations to meet.
They can run with it without restrictions to story and weapons. It be better.
Let a good story end is what I’m saying.