G2 Ultimate Edition?

Well I didn’t mean that far! :joy:
I just meant new maps and stuff. Fortifications would be extremely big, and it’s just not Gears 2.

I miss the destructible environments from Gears 2.


I would imagine that if TC did a Gears 2 UE that all the DLC maps would be included, similar to Gears UE. All 29 maps. That’s a lot of maps. Honestly maps wouldn’t be an issue. The main issue for me would be the playerbase after week 1/2.

That’s what they should do.

But then you will inevitably get people furiously typing on their keyboards that they want Gears 2 MP. And forget that Gears 2 MP was, unenjoyable for the majority of it, and the TU6 tuning is rubbish. And Horde will last a few days then get stale.

Similar to MW2R honestly as you’ve mentioned. I had fun with that game when it launched, but that balance was broken. That MP now wouldn’t last long in today’s climate. Although I don’t know why they didn’t do Spec Ops though, as a lot of that are on Campaign maps using Campaign assets.

Funny the similar scenario of that.

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Well screw those guys, because it is not worth it on TCs part, I dont see the worth at all. It would be a waste of their time redoing all that when they could put their time to better projects then some nostalgia.
I would love to see Prescotts speech remastered, Dom and Maria’s emotional moment, imo that is what gears 2 is worth. But I would not oppose gears 3s remaster at all, but I dont think now is the time, I’d say years down the pipeline would be good but I want to play TCs gears, not epics.

Gears 2, and 3 campaign remastered? That would be great!