G2 Ultimate Edition?

Hey, after GUE I’m down for Gears 2 being recreated.
Like GUE, maybe add some more stuff. It would be cool!

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Will people really play it outside of campaign?

I mean some people say Gears 1 is the GOAT but it’s NEVER populated. I can’t get anything going in UE.


The Campaign is great, but the main problem I have is the MP modes. Which tuning do you use? People hated the TU6 Gnasher. A lot of people didn’t like Gears 2 MP in general.

Horde is good, but the problem is that outside of score runs, there isn’t a lot of replay-ability. Once you’ve done it a couple of times you’ve seen it all. Unless TC would go and change it, but then is it a remaster?

Horde was great in 2008, but unfortunately times have moved on, more is expected nowadays.

Again, no problem with the Campaign, but I feel like some important decisions would have to be made to the MP modes for it to last very long. Nostalgia won’t last long, especially on VS and Horde.

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TC should do what Activision did and remaster the campaign only, charge it for like $20 or $30 bucks.

Like you said, I highly doubt anyone is actually going to want to play multi and horde on gow 2 will be stale fast.


BUT they say Gears 2 is the GOAT but don’t play it. Hypocrites.

They’ve said there’s no future plans for this, and sadly with them moving to Unreal Engine 5, the sequel to Gears 5 is still years away from even being announced and confirmed.

I say it’s a perfect opportunity to remaster Gears 2 on the new engine to show off what it’s capable of and get us excited for their future projects, while also filling the void of not having a new Gears game in the same timeframe we’ve been used to since TC took over.

It’d be so awesome to have G2UE to hold us over until Gears 6, but I don’t think they’re interested in doing it.

I wish Gears of War got the same treatment as Halo

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Not at all unless they are going to do a Master Chief Collection then what is the point.

I would play the heck out of GoW2 remaster PVP.

Back when I cared and was good.

So you’re telling me you arent good? That’s a shame.

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You’ve seen it first hand. I am washed.

UE was my prime, I’ve been on a decline ever since.

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UE was fun af.

Op7 you rise like a Phoenix though :dove:

UE taught me how to use the longshot, how to bounce, how to weapon slide :relieved:, and the most important thing, how to tbag lol.

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Strafe was OG in UE. I still prefer that over bouncing… it was a lot more fun to blindfire.

I used it alot in UE, strafe was my tactic in 4 though. The longshot though in UE :relieved: perfection. I dont think I’ve ever used a better longshot in my life before, the feeling, the 11 rounds, the headshot sound (which is one reason why I always kept one of my headphones off because the sound scared me all the time) and the memories.

TC could change a lot of that.

I said “could”, after all i’ve seen their work.

Gow2 required a brain to play, no chance TC remakes it.

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Best gears to play
Tu 5 was perfection

If they did they would have to slightly modernise horde as i can’t see anyone wanting the return of 9+hr 50 wave Insane runs. Some maps, ■■■■ you were talking practically the whole day

They could. But a question people might bring up is whether they should.

A lot of people wanted Horde in UE, but because Horde wasn’t originally in Gears 1, TC didn’t put it in (fair enough).

If in Gears 2 UE TC suddenly decided to put in fortifications and classes and all that shenanigans, there are going to be people who will strongly dislike that. Modifiers could be added, I suppose, which may add replay factor whilst maintaining the core of the mode.

And you are going to have people who will want the TU5 Gnasher, but the TU6 Gnasher is what people can play on today. Some people might like the TU6 Gnasher.