Future Operation Medals and some consistency and changes

With Op 3 we see that we have a bunch of the same medals as prior Operation. With future ops TC should change some of these up.

Also there needs to be more consistancy with the medals. What I mean by this is for example under the Heros Tab we have Scout Collectors - Collect One Million Power with Lahni or Kait for 5 stars and under the Horde Tab we have Power Horder - Collect 3 million power for 5 stars.
These shouldnt be worth the same amount of stars in my opinion. The Power Horder should be worth more

Same with Get 500 headshots as Marcus in Escape for 5 stars and Get 100 headshots in Escape for 4 stars. A 1 star difference for 400 more head shots.

There are a few more and its been like this every operation.



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