Future of Escape

So I’m a person who really enjoys escape and would love to see the mode get new content. I know they have diverted resources away from creating new maps/tiles to create more maps for the rest of the game to which I am happy because it means more maps for the rest of the game. But I’m also saddened to think that the most innovative mode they have created to date is going to just be relegated to weekly and dailies as new content. I know its pretty much out the question to ask for more maps but I think there is something to be said about taking existing maps and either adding new modifiers to some of them to freshen them up as “new experiences” or maybe take some of the maps and dial them up to 11 by making the modifiers harder versions of the same ones. To give and example of changing the modifiers they could take a simple map like Venom run and drop a couple more weapons in the dead ends and make the map be a giant wave fight similarly to the second area on the Last Stand. But for making certain maps harder and more challenging they could take something like the Lethal Engagements and instead of taking little damage from headshots make it so they don’t take any or on maps where there is faster venom and venom traps they could make it like venom run with super fast venom just to spice the gameplay up. Now these examples are not too fleshed out but are just some things I came up with on the top of my head. Escape is a great game mode to force players to try to find the best ways to beat encounters and play the risks with trying to find the worth of going to certain parts or try different strategies around getting past engagements. Id love to hear other peoples thoughts on these ideas and see if they think that what im asking for is crazy or not. (P.S love you Delta)

Doubtful. Escape is more of a cult classic than a bestseller. The truth is, player numbers are considerably lower compared to Horde. It has hardcore fans for sure (I’m one of the myself), but unfortunately it’s just not as popular. Many people who dislike it cite the higher difficulty curve as the main thing that puts them off.


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I would love to have TC’s elevated map builder since it would open up so many more possibilities and could allow for some player made maps to be new maps.

Although the idea of Halos forge is almost impossible, adding the ability to play with similar spawns and modifiers would be super fun and refreshing to the current escape map builder. Maybe even add more “Budget” to existing maps would be cool also. But again this probably would take too much time to implement for such a small player base.

The current budget is pretty small (1000 per chapter) which really limits what you can do.
On a knockoff Clock I have been messing with, I couldn’t even remake the entire first act.

I know that he majority of people don’t like the mode because of its difficulty that’s why I posed the option of taking exciting maps and giving them a different encounter or set of modifiers to freshen it up a little.

You missed my point. Any changes to mix things up take time and effort. With TC working on future Operations as well as GOW6, I suspect we won’t get anything new added to a niche game mode with a relatively low player base. I’d like it to happen - anything, but I doubt it will.

I think you missed my point. I know it would take time and effort, I’m just putting some ideas out there to see what people think about it. I know is a very high probability that nothing will come of it and accept that but rather than talking about the player base of the mode, I was wanting to hear about the idea of adding something to it. If I wanted to hear about how niche the mode was I would just read half the threads about why escape sucks.

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Right, I see. Just I took this line as sort of expectional cos you used the term “asking for”.

At this stage, I’d be happy with any additional changes to Escape just to spice it up really, even changing a few small things like mutators, weapons, enemy spawns etc.

One thing I think TC missed the boat on was (which might still be doable), is to publish and curate fan-made maps. They could spice up their Developer’s Stream with a regular (maybe once per month?) “Fans Challenge Developer’s at Escape Mode!” slot where popular fan-made Escape hives are submitted, and the best ones are played by some of the TC crew live on the stream. And if it’s good enough to meet their standards, it could be released as a full-on new Hive. TC could even use fan-hives and make some minor balancing changes to it as well if they had to.

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Would be cool. There are some good customs out there.

I’m sure I can’t find a Master Custom Escape Map Lobby everyday, but the concept on your opinion is amazing, which let players to have their creativity to play.

Agreed, what would be cool and would cut part of the dev time since they would be allowing Custom Hives to be sort of a baseline and just be looked at to be improved upon to fix the balance and tweak the modifiers to allow a stronger identity to the hive.

Love you too, almost as much as I love paragraphs :wink:

I would love alt mutator sets for some hives, I presume that would be much easier than creating entirely new hives but no idea how much work it actually is.

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I actually think Escape would have been more popular with less Hives. Sounds odd I know but I think more customisation options for replay-ability on modifiers and enemies would have been a far better experience than learning new layouts.

I don’t think it being harder than Master Horde is totally correct either, I just think it’s less forgiving of lack of communications that the modern Gears experience suffers from. Horde you can get away with playing in silence with nothing more than a lobby title.

I don’t think Escape has a future. It’s dead, had a good run but take away the grinding lobbies and I bet the engagement stats haven’t made for good reading the last 12 months. I think it’s a great mode but not worth the development hours to continue into another game.

If it came down to a poll for Beat mode, Overrun or Escape mode in the next Gears you know which one would come last.

You’re also a person that really enjoys not using the tab button…

On a serious note, I don’t know if escape is gonna get any better, I kinda hope it does; at least I’ll have merit to play it then

The budget is not the problem, everything else is.

You canexpand the hive by creating tons of chapters. You can even set different venom types for each chapter.

But the issue is, we can not set every tile or enemy that exists like the bosses. We can also not change the modifiers. On top of that there’s some bugs also like enemies not loading in etc.