Future Maps? River not popular and Raven Down return please?

I’m just wondering what future maps will be on its way?

I’m really enjoying the maps like Regency and Nexus. I find these maps bring back the feel of Gears 1 &2 playstyle/size/balance. Some other maps I find puzzling like the return of River…I remember it being an ok map from Gears 2 but I think this may be a case of The Coalition just bringing it back for a loud minority???..When I’m playing its always zero votes for that map in Koth or Tdm!!!

On another note, I wonder if there is any hope of Raven Down making a return? Would love to see this map return but set in the day time like Gears 1

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I would love to see Raven Down return; my favorite map in Gears 3.

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River is fantastic for Horde, I think. Pretty good for all classes.


I just wanna see Cove return.


Personally would like to see Trenches return from Gears 3


Oh if only

if only what???

if only they’d bring back the good ol maps

Perhaps they will

Well they have brought back Gridlock, Canals, Clocktower from Gears 1 and some from Gears 2+3+4 so…

Gridlock also feels the most at this point to Gears 1

Here’s to hoping

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I have a feeling that engineers could solo master war machine frenzies which would be controversial but also amusing for maxing them out sans randoms

Would love to see Thrashball make a return as some sort of Superbowl event.

Lots of great Gears 1-3 maps that have never been remade should make a return.

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??? what ???

No more recycling old maps. New maps please!

I like raven down but done to death on gears 4, same as gridlock, checkout etc - would really like some completely new ones or the obscure old school gears maps remastered that haven’t been yet.

Keeps the game a lot more fresh

TC keep throwing gears 4 stuff at us we may as well go back to that as it was better anyway

Idk I see River picked a lot in those modes. I also think it’s a pretty good map, but I still wanna see mansion come back haha

It gets picked all the time in Guardian when it’s an option, which I’m ok with, cause I’m always picking it too lol.


I was one of those people who was happy for a River remake… until I played it. I LOVED playing River in Gears 2. It was a great map for Execution and Guardian, and I had a ton of fun playing Annex on it too. But the way Gears 5 plays on River, it just makes the map HORRIBLE.

I regret asking for it’s return :frowning_face:

The only true king of gears maps needs to return. MANSION. Nuff said


War Machine will be in Operation 6, fairly positive on that.

I’d like Fuel Depot to come back if they do bring another remake as it’s one of my favourites.

But saying that, i hope they don’t bring anymore remakes back to be honest, i just want new maps.