Future Leaderboard-rewards significantly decreased

Malfunction and the recent 3 Past Hives rewarded 4.000 coins for Top 5%. Well, apparently TC decided that’s too much and Future Hives will reward a measly 1.000 for Top5%.

Really love these stealth-changes that benefit the player.

I’m not even seeing any reward available for The Ambush right now. Makes me suspect that and The Malfunction not awarding the same amount of coins as other hives are bugs.

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Are u surprised??

Another update with more bugs.

When i claimed my rewards for escape it just showed a symbol if trying to load rewards, i just pressed b button i think, my coins went up but not sure by how much. Was expecting 15k but it defo wasnt that much, probs just the 8k for top on both hives😪

First they take away earnable weapon skins, then they don’t stack coins like they stacked the weapon skins, now they might be lowering the amount of gold coins. SMH.

I don’t understand… I received 5000 Gear Coins for Malfunction yesterday. I notice now in the Past Hives section that the payout has been changed for Malfunction (changed to 1000 GC for top 5% which will be paid out in 5 days time) but, if I’ve already been given my reward then what happens? Do I just get nothing? Or do I get an extra 1000 GC on top of what I already received if I can retain a top 5% position?

If this is an additional small reward for players who can retain their position in the Past Hives section, then that’s fine. If it’s an overall change to all new Hives then that will suck. I can’t currently see what the rewards and tiers for Ambush are.

It’s looking like we’ll get the 1000 GC if we can maintain that top 5%. I got 8000 GC from the rewards. I didn’t realize they accounted for the previous past hives. Since I know that I’ll be making sure I maintain those positions.

Really? You got your combined rewards yesterday?

I must admit I didn’t keep an accurate count of what my GC balance was before and after. I just know my balance is higher now and I was fairly sure I got 5000 but I’m probably mistaken. I’m in the top 5% for all Hives so I presume I got the same as you did, and Malfunction will pay out next week.

I’m gonna have to keep a closer eye on this and see if it rolls over.

Yeah. Mines went up about 8000 GC. I’m guessing it had a lot to do with the past hives rewards, also.

Right now it totals 9000 GC (4000 for Lethal Engagement, 4000 for The Choke and 1000 for The Malfunction).