Future hero additions? πŸ€”

I have a feeling with the addition of the Cole train as a hero pre-order bonus, we may be seeing some of the original gears of war characters or maybe even some fan favourites from the comics like Alex brand added to the hero roster :man_shrugging:

I for one would love to see delta, kilo and zeta added seen as every single one of them fought during e-day.

I’m sure we will get a lot of heroes we want in the end.
But as they are tied to operations and they are taking tc ages to β€˜get right’ it will be many years before we would have all the characters you would like to see.

Wait are they doing a operations system in gears tactics? :thinking:

ooops my bad, wrong game, sorry.
I am obviously not reading properly or just having a very stupid moment.
Carry on.

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It’s OK dw :joy::sweat_smile:

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