Future Gear Pack Ideas+Remaining Characters bot yet in Gears 4

Lost Relics Pack#1(Young Marcus, Young Dom, and Jungle Tai)
Lost Relics Pack#2(Ezra Loomis, V-Day Paduk, and Alex Brand)
Recruit Pack(Recruit Clay Carmine)
V-Day Pack(V-Day Baird, Dom, and Cole)
Judgment Pack(Judgment Baird and Cole)
Kilo Squad Pack(,Sofia Hendrix and Garon Paduk)
Jace Stratton Pack(Jace Stratton and Young Jace)
Zeta Squad Pack(Michael Barrick and Alecia Valera)
General Karn Emergence(General Karn, Rager(Base), and Rager(Berserk)
Fenix Pack(Unarmored Marcus and Adam Fenix)
Savage Locust Pack#2(Savage Marauder, Hunter, and Theron)
Hunter Pack(Locust Hunter and Hunter Elite)
Locust Drone Pack#2(Locust Miner, Cyclops, and Spotter)
Golden Drone Pack(Golden Hunter and Miner)
Lambent Pack(Lambebt Drone and Drudge)
Onyx Guard Pack( Male&Female Onyx Guard Variants)
Chairman Prescott Pack(Chairman Prescott)
Epic Reaper Pack(Epic Reaper except he’ll be like a normal character and no special privileges and he’ll be on team swarm)
Stranded Pack(That drunk guy from gears 1,Chaps, Franklin, and Possibly that female stranded Leader from gears 3)
And lastly
Bulletstorm Pack(Grayson Hunt and triska Novak) I mean why not? They were in judgment

Anyways if you guys have any idea’s or suggestions let me know I’m a bit if a character Hoarder and remember most these guys by heart and I wouldn’t even sell the most bad looking characters as I collect them all. Maybe te coalition will see this one day.


I just need the Golden Hunter :+1:

And maybe Onyx Guard.

And Black Steel Palace Guard.

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Zeta Squad should be Michael Barrick and Alicia Valera.
Lambent Pack could have Lambent Grenadier too.


Honorable mentions I would say would be Gears 2 Myrah and Tai but I kinda dint really care too much for those 2 maybe myrah a lot more but yeah

Forgotten Heroes Pack: Bai Tak, Samuel Byrne and Jonathan Harper. That would be neat but a dude could dream to play as Bai Tak.

Black Steel Palace Guard. Love it.

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Might as well get your moneys worth and he will be covered in the most amount of Black Steel Possible :raised_hands:

I’ve always found it interesting how other people organise and categorise groups of characters into potential themed Gear Packs. Most are the same and similar, but some are distinctly different.

For example I’d have thought that they could do an Imulsion Research Pack featuring a Lambent Drone and Adam Fenix (seeing as he researched lambency and imulsion). Or a COG Leadership pack featuring Loomis, Prescott and Jinn.


Thanks bro and is there even a such thing as the lambent grenadier?

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There would be if look it up.

Sadly I don’t really read the comics. …don’t know where to find them…but I do know Samuel is sans father @Thee_Count_Olaf

It would be very interesting if TC actually did put Grayson, Triska and the Reaper in 4, but its probably never gonna happen

Right? XDDDD I would like to see them but yeah low possibility.

Onyx Guard

Bai Tak is both in the comics and a huge character in Anvil Gate novel and Jonathan Harper is a collectible in Gow 2 and has a small comic based on him and his squad.

and alicia valera guys

no more garbage like those of uir without male or female helmet

People have been asking for Onyx Guards for a long time.

Surely they will be coming soon?

I think the Onyx Guard will be amongst the last skins we get.

The reason I think this is because of the colour of their armour will be very similar to the Black Steel skins, and TC will probably want for the BS skins to look as exclusive and appealing as possible so they can continue selling them. If players had an alternative that looks similar and was acquirable through credits, then it will probably reduce eSport pack sales.

Yeah, maybe the will be eSports Exclusive first?