Future Esports packs

First off I want to start off by saying to the Coalition you guys are awesome. even though microtransactions are a current problem and on average hated I will say that you guys have good taste when it comes to black steel in Gears of War 4. the black steel armored kantus was probably the best looking character I’ve ever seen in a Gears of War game in my opinion, but this brings me to my question …are you guys going to release a black steel Palace guard because I don’t know about you but that would be awesome. I only ask that specifically because armored kantus and the palace guard were characters in the Locust that people really wanted in the golden days and it would only make sense that you release something like that. also in terms of the golden Hunter, Savage Theron guard and characters like the Onyx guard do you plan to release them in Gears 4 and also how does this all coming to play with gears 5, all the money that we sink into this game, I really do hope that characters that we paid for in terms of Esports are somehow transferred into gears 5 because if you don’t have something as basic as a black steel armored kantus available in gears 5 and we paid for that kind of stuff I have to admit that might be a huge reason for me not to buy the game especially if I have no interest in the customization Department. Like I said before though I’m confident that you guys will figure out something because so far every time it seems like you guys are done with gears 4 you come out with something that people actually want and that right there is what separates you from 343 Industries and the current Halo crisis. Time and time again you not only give people stuff that actually looks cool and dope but also you give surprises after every turn. Now whether or not you’re doing it through an RNG microtransaction based system at least you’re putting it out there however I do want to stress that does not justify this gambling problem in the current gaming industry. stuff like that in my opinion should be illegal but that’s besides the point. Anyway I hope the best for the Gears of War franchise and I hope Halo gets back on track. Oh and one more thing I just want to state that customization is a huge factor and why I got into Gears of War 4 now even though customization has no impact on skill or how you play the game it is the main reason why I started playing cuz when I saw the palace guard get released for the first time and me being a huge Locust fan and the fact that I miss them and that they were replaced by this wannabe Locust called the Swarm that Palace guard pack that you released a while back was a huge selling point for me so just keep in mind the stuff like this does matter and I’m sure you guys know that considering that I bought the black steel armored kantus… LOL. Thank you, coalition for everything you’ve done and also don’t forget there’s also room for improvement

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