Fussy Horde Players

Why are many players these days an absolute pain in the ■■■■? Pausing the game mid-wave, requesting level 18 players and wanting everything set your way. I have a bit more ambition than that, when i max one character i move onto the next one, i can manage Master runs without needing my character to be maxed out quite comfortably and for these players i have got news for you - not many people will want to play with you anyway. Grow a pair and stop complaining and get on with the challenge.


Hey there,

If you like feel free to send me a FR. I try to be on as much as I can and have a good friend base.

So if you are looking for a good group to just play and have some fun hit me up. As I can see your pain and frustration in your post.

Well it’s up to you.


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People just want it done in the easiest and most efficient way.

I hear you, I’ve been frustrated by this in the past few days as well. I had a match on Master Frenzy on Exhibit that the host wouldn’t start unless he specifically had a level 18 Del, a level 18 Jack and a level 18 JD, and the fabricator in precisely the right spot.

But I guess that’s true of life eh, people just want things done in the easiest way and complain when it isn’t. I’m guilty of that sometimes to be fair.


I always look for 16+ level. I want that the player had every card so they can change it depending of the Hive.

Some look for lvl 18 because they assumed that lvl 18 had every card lvl 5 (6 now). They didn’t know about my JD getting only lvl 3 cards being lvl 18…

Some are used to high levelled play. It must’ve worked for them to be more successful.

If they want to wait for Level 18 Del and Level 18 Jack, they also waste their own time waiting. That’s why I don’t like hosting very much for Custom Horde. Even a Baird would be fine.

Sometimes if they waited long enough, they may allow exception like under Level 18 characters or different Engineers.

Since you said they would pause mid-wave, how do they tell that the joined player is Level 18 character? They won’t. But sometimes, there’s clue in how the joined player plays.

It’s funny because the meta has changed a ton in OP4, Marcus is arguably OP, Fahz can beat JD on most maps (though falls short on boss waves of course) and Lizzie/Clayton just got more powerful somehow.

Another reality that hasn’t quite sunken in yet is that most people don’t even have level 6 cards, so I suspect there will be lots more room for other characters as time progresses. When people say the same ole "JD/Del/Jack combo it tells me they’re either bad at the game (because they haven’t seen any good players use anything else besides the ones I mentioned) or they are tyrannical and want the clouds to break apart and the sun to shine onto them each and every morning.

Also it was fun playing with you the other day, not sure if it was a coincidence or fate but was fun nonetheless, you were really good IIRC :slight_smile:

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Everytime I see those lobbies I actually dismiss them and keep scrolling. I hate this new system everyone seems to want where you’re so maxed out playing horde is a chore. I played a master horde with a level 8 COG gear and actually did pretty well, saved most of my teammates ■■■ most of the time and never actually went down or got killed. I’d like to do it again actually because my game crashed so I never actually got to level up my gear corpse :")

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It all depends on which host you pop into. Lately I’ve seen 1 or 2 hosts put a post “any class welcome” on master difficulty. Clearly, I would jump straight in for that post, because it gives me a chance to play any class I want.

I know the feelin, played a game yesterday and the host must have paused the game 6 or more times and people keep moving ur fortifications, my centry was getting loads of kills so someone bought one and put it where mine was so they can get the kills, also my mate has lower characters cos he doesn’t have much time to play so he finds it difficult to get into a lot of games

When I host a horde match I like to name my lobby: “I’m not an uptight d bag, come on have fun!”
When I don’t host and am just looking then I acknowledge that lobby’s going on about kicking or making level demands may be less fun than somewhere more chill and skip them in search of more tolerant hosts.

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As long as the player is good I’ll take anyone atleast level 9 for Masters, it’s just most of the time the player isnt good

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Because you get a lot of casual people playing that arnt as skilled and with a level 18 it means the casual player at least has an idea on how too play

I also like playing horde on 1-50 sesh

I now know which lobby your in :smiling_imp:


To be fair i kinda hate that too but on the other hand it’s their game they hosted. Also i put myself in their shoes and have been in situations where ppl have no idea what they are doing or are too weak to help out in the higher difficulties.

Hey there,

If you see my lobbie. Hu1k daddy’s game, I accept all levels and characters.

I have 1 rule. Don’t be a ■■■■. If people can manage that, then we’re all good.



What difficulty do you play?

I really like running inconceivable with health off.


The one you won’t join.

What’s up with that man? :yum:


That’s pretty much what I always do. If you need some insight feel free to ask anyone really. But lately I’ve played a lot with @avaramis @FirestormOfFear and many others.

So hopefully they can confirm, that I really don’t care who you play with. Just don’t be rocking the boat. So if you like join up sometime bro.


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Tell your mate to add me. I can help him level if he needs.

Also, I would think I have a pretty good idea how Horde works, so if he needs help on how to run someone I can help there also.


Re Up 15+ oNlY MaX cHaRaCtErS.