Funny little detail about Uir-Blacksteel

The UIR-Blacksteel has a Different “Hello” Emote then the other Female UIR-soldier Skins, a less Funny while also being kind of not as Annyoing as the regular “hEY” :sweat_smile:

Edit: The Blacksteel goes: “Hi there” btw.

This just makes me wonder if there is more of “Unique” Emotes for certain Skins.


Lambent RAAM sounds different than his regular variants. Yea, it’s only a distortion effect added, but still… having him sound a bit off while lambent just for one skin shows TC went the extra mile with that general rank reward.

I’m sure there’s other hidden gems to be found. I just haven’t gone thru every single variant on every character.


He also loses any Locust related dialogue since he’s their enemy. Nobody interacts with him.