Funny clip I recorded

The game decided it wanted a 1v4 on OSOK so I did what every dead man walking has done… Dance

Here’s the vid


Awesome :smiley:

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100% there was still 1 player trying to snipe u tho.

Funny vid, but not really dead man walking in OSOK, no melees no downs, headshots only you always got a chance. Speaking from experience I started a game 1v5 a couple days ago, I popped 3 of them before they finally got me for the 1st time, was a good thing it was OSOK rules, would have been screwed with Bunny Hunt’s downs cause they was body shotting me like crazy. Yes they spawn trapped me for the 2nd death, but after that I spawn swapped and 2 new teammates spawned with me, it was lights out then.

I was playing on xbox due to sheer laziness of getting up to my PC

I am not good with an xbox controller so I kinda suck soooo much

Fair enough… I ain’t great with snipe either, but I’m decent and can hold my own, so I can never count myself out of OSOK when it’s actual headshots only.

Lucky, even though I play PC I’m horrid with the long shot

OSOK is hell for me just to get the execution